Top 10 delicious Spanish dishes to taste in Spain (with pictures)

Top 10 delicious Spanish dishes to taste in Spain

Spain is famous for its renowned art, rich history, vibrant culture, massive architecture, beautiful museums, imposing beaches, and Spanish dishes. There are many regions each one has its traditional dishes and cooking techniques. Spanish dishes are mixture of fresh, colorful, and flavors ingredients from all corners of the country. If you are spending your vacation…

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Top 10 best Ibiza beaches in spain (don’t miss out)

Top 10 best beaches in Ibiza spain

Ibiza is a magnificent island in the Mediterranean Sea. It attracts visitors from all over the world. Ibiza beaches have a stunning nightlife, magnificent beaches, and legendary hippie vibe. Moreover, Ibiza has a wide range of beaches to escape to. They are  known by their bright turquoise waters, unspoiled coves, hotels, and restaurants. While others…

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Top 9 best beaches in Alicante Province Spain (with photos)

Top 9 best beaches in Alicante Spain

Alicante is one of Spain’s most popular destinations located on the Costa Blanca coast. Alicante has an impressive array of beautiful beaches awarded the blue flag recognition by the European Union. Furthermore, the coast packed with varied bathing spots, golden long sandy beaches, hidden coves, and lonely nudist beaches. It is hard to select the…

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