The day of Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony festival is an annual tradition. Known as Luminarias event dates back 500 years. It takes place in San Bartolome De Los Pinares about 100km northwest of Madrid.

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Saint Anthony festival is an amazing event celebrates the day of Saint Anthony in tow different ways. First, each year the residents of San Bartolome De Los Pinares men ride their horses over a huge bonfire built by locals. In addition, this bizarre tradition insists people sit on their horses over the fire to purify and protect their animals for next year.

Every year on the night of January 16, the locals collects tree branches and build a large bonfire in the center squares of the village. It is called “Hogueras” and the residents gather around it to celebrate, dance, eat and drink.

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The second way, is when the priest of the Spanish church blessed the all kinds of animals with using holy water in the Catholic church.

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Spain has a rich and vibrant culture. As well as there are many activities you can enjoy but without involving animals lives at risk of serious burns and other injuries.