Top 10 best surfing beaches in Spain

Spain is one of the most famous destinations in Europe. It has the best surfing beaches coast extends from the Mediterranean to the northern Cantabrian Sea.

Surfers always search for the best destinations with perfect waves to practice surf. Besides, many people challenge themselves and take aboard to ride waves on different beaches around Spain. If you are a beginner and you need small waves, or you are a professional looking for spectacular waves, Spain has everything for everyone.

To help you where to go, here is our list of the top 10 best surfing beaches in Spain:


1- Mundaka Beach, Basque Country:

surfing beaches: Mundaka , Basque Countryvia – marinareservation

Mundaka is one of the best wave beaches in Europe. It is located on the Bay of Biscay in northern Basque Country. The season of surfing starts from October to February. Hence, December and January are the best for consistent waves reaching a height of 4 m and run for 400 m of distance.

This beach is only for Intermediate to advanced surfers. Besides, the unique layout has a perfect hollowed, consistent tube wave. That makes Mundaka beach as one of the best spots in the world. As well as, the landscape is another plus, with a rocky coastline dotted with historic houses.


2- Palmar Beach, Cádiz:

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El Palmar is a windy and long beach located near the village of Vejer de la Frontera in southern Cadiz. This beach lined with a series of bars and restaurants stretched along the coast road, as well as discovering the cultural immersion, historic architecture, and cobblestone streets of the village.

This spot is ideal for surfing in winter and spring, particularly in January and February. The beach has no protection from the wind. That makes it perfect for surfing and wind-driven watersports.


3- Los Lances Beach, Tarifa:

Los Lances surf Beach, Tarifavia – mixaficiones

Los Lances is the most famous beach in Tarifa. It is nearby the coast from the town of Tarifa in the southern Cadiz Province. The surfing season starts in winter and spring, which makes it perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers.

The waves of Los lances beach breaks both right and left along the 10-kilometer beach. It is divided into two parts: the south sections host bigger crowds and offer services like restaurants, bars, and parking. And the north has more rugged surf and fewer visitors.


4- Zurriola Beach, San Sebastian:

Zurriola surf Beach, San Sebastianvia – forecast

Zurriola beach is located in San Sebastian or Donostia in the northern Basque Country. This half-moon beach offers high-quality waves with consistency during the whole year. The best time to practice surfing is from September to December, as well as it is perfect for Intermediate and advanced surfers.

This spot organizes many important surfing events, one of them the European ASP Projunior contest in July. The city center has a short walk away. And beachfront services include showers, toilets, and roadside parking. As well as, it has a local surf club and four surf schools, so it is ideal for complete beginners.


5- Zarautz Beach, Basque Country:

Zarautz surf Beach, Basque Countryvia – totalsurfcamp

Zarautz beach is one of the most popular surfing places in the Basque Country. This beach is the best option to enjoy surfing, whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer.

The best time to practice your lovely sport is from September through May. Besides, Zarautz has an open coastline with different breaks to choose, as well as the quality of its waves is 2,5 km of distance, make it the perfect spot for surfing. Also, the beach has facilities like bathrooms, showers, lifeguards, surf shops, and restaurants.


6- Pantin Beach, Galicia:

Pantin surf Beach, Galiciavia – forecast

Pantin is the main beach in the region. Located in Galicia, near to the historic city of La Coruña. Besides, you can practice your surfing sport all year round due to the consistency of its waves. Also, the area hosts an annual international surfing competition. It is best for the intermediate and advanced surfers.

For services, there is a small town right by the beach offers restaurants surf shops, and parking areas. Do not worry you are not in the middle of nowhere.


7- Somo Beach, Cantabria:

Somo surf Beach, Cantabriavia – turismodecantabria

Somo beach is located in the Municipality of Ribamontán al Mar in the northern Cantabria region. It is the most famous surfing beach in Spain. Whether you are a beginner or advanced surfer, you can practice your water sport.

The best months to practice your surfing sport is from November to April. This beach has consistent waves extends 4km with over 8 km of left and right breaks, as well as provides services like parking, bathrooms, restaurants, and clubs.


8- El Quemao Beach, Lanzarote:

El Quemao surf Beach, Lanzarotevia – lanzaroteretreats

El Quemao is an international beach. Located on the northwestern coast of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. The surfing season starts from October and March for advanced surfers.

The shoal provides one of the best left-break barrels in the world. As well as, there are sometimes right breaks that can reach up to 20 feet.


9- Santander Beach, Cantabria:

Santander Beach, Cantabriavia – forecast

The place of birth of surfing is in Santander beach, Cantabria. The beach is ideal for surfing when the sea strikes hard. And the surfers can ride this fast striking wave. As well as, Santander offers different services like restaurants, museums, tapas, and clubs.


10- Salinas Beach, Asturias:

surfing beaches: Salinas, Asturiasvia – goraymi

Salinas is one of the best beaches for surfing in the north of Spain. It was awarded the Blue Flag eco-label in 2015. Due to its good quality of water, sand, services, and environmental management.

In Salina beach, you can practice surfing, whether you are a beginner or experienced surfer. It provides right-handed and left-handed waves for surfers of all levels.

The spot hosts an international classic longboard competition, making it perfect for spending some days surfing and getting to know people from all over the world.


Plan your next trip, and try to visit some of these beaches. Besides, there are other surfing beaches on the northern Cantabrian coast that you can explore them and enjoy your experience.