Where to spend a weekend in Spain: the top 10 best places to visit

Are you searching for the best places to see in a weekend in Spain for the coming trip, please keep on reading! Spain is a fascinating country with different cultures in its distinct regions. It has many historical sites to discover: Roman ruins, Islamic architecture from the Moorish era, medieval castles and fortifications, palaces and…

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Top 9 best things to discover in Blanes, Spain (you don’t miss out)

Top 9 best things to discover in Blanes, Spain (you can’t miss out)

Blanes considered the southern beach resort on the Costa Brava, located in the province of Girona in the Catalonia region of Spain. This beautiful city draws tourist attention from all over the World. Besides, Blanes is the first resort awarded in 2007 the Family Tourism Destination Certificate.  Here are our top 9 best things to discover in Blanes,…

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Top 10 Most Famous Monuments in Spain you need to visit

Top 10 Most Visited Monuments in Spain

Spain possesses an immense number of impressive monuments. People travel across the world to discover the beautiful mixture of cultural attractions. The list of landmarks in Spain is impressive, from the ancient  cathedrals,  castles left by the Romans and Moors, the incredible works of art to the futuristic museums. It’s a tough choice deciding which…

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Top 10 best and most popular Spanish festivals (don’t miss out)

Top 10 and Most Visited Festivals in Spain

Spain is an imposing country known for its colorful, lively, and vibrant festivals. Besides, there’s no better time to experience Spain at its numerous festivals and events that take place throughout the year. Each festival has its unique vibe, with striking traditions and customs that make it a special celebration in the world.   If there’s…

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Top 9 best Universities in Spain for international students

Top 9 Spanish Universities

Spain is one of the most beautiful places to discover and also to study. Besides, many students are attracted to Spain for its beautiful beaches, vivid cities, famous festivals, and magnificent architecture. Universities in Spain have a long history of higher education. Besides, it is home to some of the famous ranking public and private…

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Top 10 best surfing beaches in Spain (don’t miss the chance)

Top 10 best surfing beaches in Spain

Spain is one of the most famous destinations in Europe. It has the best surfing beaches coast extends from the Mediterranean to the northern Cantabrian Sea. Surfers always search for the best destinations with perfect waves to practice surf. Besides, many people challenge themselves and take aboard to ride waves on different beaches around Spain….

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Top 10 delicious Spanish dishes to taste in Spain (with pictures)

Top 10 delicious Spanish dishes to taste in Spain

Spain is famous for its renowned art, rich history, vibrant culture, massive architecture, beautiful museums, imposing beaches, and Spanish dishes. There are many regions each one has its traditional dishes and cooking techniques. Spanish dishes are mixture of fresh, colorful, and flavors ingredients from all corners of the country. If you are spending your vacation…

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