Top 6 must-see attractions in León, Spain

Spain is a charming country with magnificent places to discover and fascinating things to explore. Besides, León is one of Spain’s most captivating cities; it may not be very well known, but it offers visitors a magnificent variety of attractions, from historic buildings, monasteries and cathedrals to contemporary museums. Here is a list of the top six must-see attractions in León, Spain.


1- Cathedral:

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The Cathedral of León is one of best masterpieces of Early Gothic architecture in Spain, constructed in the 13th and 14th centuries with distinct touch from French Gothic cathedrals in Reims and Amiens.

This breathtaking monument has three richly sculpted doorways: First, the Puerta de San Francisco are figures of prophets, and the Coronation of the Virgin. Second, the finest doorway is the Puerta de Nuestra Señora la Blanca in the middle, with a figure of Santa María la Blanca and a representation of the Last Judgment. The last, the Puerta de la Regla, are scenes of the Nativity and Childhood of Jesus Christ.

The building boasts over 1,800 square meters of stained-glass windows dating from the 13th to the 20th centuries. Additionally, the magnificent 15th- to 16th-century choir stalls, carved by Flemish craftsmen, are noteworthy.

The Museo Catedralicio Diocesano de León displays outstanding religious art treasures in the rooms around the cloister. Highlights include a 10th-century edition of the Bible, Castilian and Flemish triptychs, and Romanesque sculptures from the 12th and 13th centuries.


2- Museo Casa Botines Gaudí:

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The Museo Casa Botines Gaudí, located on the Plaza de San Marcelo, was designed by the renowned Catalan architect Antonio Gaudí.

The building features a Neo-Gothic style with modernist architectural details, such as the unique stained-glass windows and sharply pointed turreted towers.

The Casa Botines building was designated a Historic Monument in 1969 currently houses a Museum of Fine Arts that displays works by Francisco de Goya, Joaquín Sorolla, and Salvador Dalí, among others.  The museum is also home to El Modernista, a gourmet restaurant serving traditional cuisine in a chic Art Nouveau-inspired dining room.


3- The Plaza Mayor:

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The Plaza Mayor is the main square in León, just a few blocks from the cathedral. It’s a center of social activity, especially on market days.

The Plaza Mayor is an excellent place to enjoy a meal or tapas. The arcades are home to many trendy restaurants, while the covered passageways provide welcome shade for terrace tables in hot weather. There are also open-air terraces for those who prefer to dine in the sun.

The Consistorio Viejo, also known as the Consistorio Antiguo, is situated on the west side of the square. It is the former town hall, dating from 1677. This building is an impressive example of Baroque architecture, with its twin towers.


4- Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León:

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The Castile and León Museum of Contemporary Art housed is one of best attractions in León that offers a glimpse of the exciting modern art that awaits visitors. In addition, the museum boasts five galleries of innovative exhibits in a 21,000-square-meter space, presenting diverse works of art with an interdisciplinary approach.

The museum’s goal is to provide an interactive experience that immerses visitors in the world of contemporary art and inspires dialogue about the creations. Additionally, the museum has a specialized library of books on contemporary art and an auditorium that hosts cultural events such as concerts and film screenings.


5- Museo de León:

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The León Museum presents a comprehensive collection of art history from the Paleolithic period to the present day. Its collections offer insight into the human experience during significant historical periods.

The main museum building located on the Plaza de Santo Domingo, with an exhibition at the Villa Romana Navatejera, an archaeological site of an ancient Roman village a few kilometers away.

The museum’s most exciting exhibits feature antiquities from the Classical Roman period and the Middle Ages. Particularly noteworthy is the collection of ancient coins and inscriptions.


6- Basillica de San Isidoro de León:

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The Royal Collegiate Church of Saint Isidoro is one of best attractions in León and most significant Romanesque monuments in Spain. The original church, built in the pre-Romanesque style of Asturias in the 10th century, destroyed in 988 by Al-Mansur.

Later, it renovated by Christian Kings Alfonso V and Ferdinand I in the 11th and 12th centuries, temple rebuilt in the classic Romanesque style, featuring three naves and three apses. The church holds an importance to Spanish Catholics because it houses the tomb of Saint Isidoro, the Bishop of Seville.