Granada international festival of music and dance

The annual International Festival of Music and Dance is one of the most impressive events in Granada, Spain. This year the festival takes place from Jun 22, 2018 to July 8th, 2018 offering a huge variety of performances like modern dance, flamenco, ballet, famous artists, symphony concerts and different attractive programs for everyone.

In addition, the International Festival of Music and Dance organized in various venues the first one is ‘’El Patio de los Arrayanes’’ in the Alhambra, second is the open-air theatre in ‘’the Generalife’’ Gardens, the last one is in ‘’the King Carlos V’’ Palace and in different momentous churches and buildings.



The annual International Festival of Music and Dance Granada

The festival started in the symphony concerts since 1883, it organized in different places such at the ‘’Palace de Carlos V’’, in ‘’the Concurso de Cante Jondo’’ and at ‘’the Plaza de los Aljibes’’ in the Alhambra in 1922, with the assistance of ’’Federico García Lorca’’, ‘’Ramón Gómez de la Serna’’, ‘’Manuel de Falla’’, ‘’Santiago Rusiñol’’ and other intellectuals and artists of the time.

The festival began to grow in an unofficial way until 1955, it came under the patronage of the European Association of Festivals and since that time it has changed into the main festival. Nowadays, it becomes with appearances by such celebrated names as ‘’Andrés Segovia’’, ‘’Arthur Rubinstein’’, ‘’Margot Fonteyn’’, ‘’Herbert von Karajan’’ and ‘’Rudolf Nureyev’’.


The main concerts:


The major concerts of the festival are the symphony orchestras in the Palace de Carlos V, as well as ancient and modern world music, contemporary dance and ballet at the outdoor theater in the gardens of ‘’Del Generalife’’.

Moreover, the other performances held in the courtyard Patio de los Arrayanes in the Alhambra, and mornings are just for concerts in churches and monuments of Granada, and nights also are for flamenco dance and world music in the typical places of ‘’Albaicin and Sacromonte’’. Besides, the festival of extension ‘’ FEX’’ is an impressive  mix of charity concerts, , combines playing music from ancient to present day, solo artists, dance, flamenco, children’s activities also it  presents the living arts which changes Granada into a magnificent stage of unique emotions and experiences.


 Different attractions in Granada:

If you are visiting Granada for its impressive festivals try also to discover the incredible heritage of Granada, with its various places, gorgeous monuments and beautiful gardens.

  • The Alhambra

Granada’s star attraction is The Alhambra, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Besides, the Alhambra is a castle, palace, summer retreat and enclosed town all in one attracting place.

From the 13th to the 15th centuries The Alhambra was the residence of the Moorish rulers of the Nasrid Dynasty, encircled by ancient walls. This site was the last fortress of the Moors in Spain.


  • Cathedral Santa María de la Encarnación :

The Cathedral of ‘’Santa María de la Encarnación’’ is the loftiest Renaissance church in Spain. The cathedral built by Queen Isabella as a memorial to the victory of Christian Spain over the Moors. It is situated on the site of a former mosque with a Gothic style.

In addition, the northwest side of the cathedral is luxuriously decorated with ornate sculptures, And On the entrance arch pillars are statues of the Catholic Monarchs and bronze statues of the Apostles.


  • Carmen de los Martires Gardens:

The Carmen de los Martires Gardens are one of the most attractive gardens in the city with green spaces and lovely gardens contain beautiful flowerbeds, leafy paths and small ponds. Its shaded walkways give a sanctuary from the powerful sun, and its gorgeous views of the landscape beyond Granada give a sense of space that can be lacking in the small city center.

The Carmen de los Martires is a charming set of gardens, a successful harmonize of French and English styling. The gardens and palace were partly repaired and now it is for ideal weddings, official receptions and for taking walks.


  • Museum of Fine Arts:

Granada takes first place in the art museum for classic works houses over 2,000 pieces, including a number of major religious paintings and craves dating back to the 16th century. Moreover, this collection serves as a prompt of the Catholic conquest of Granada, and of successive Catholic monarchs tries to stamp their own religion and identity on what had been the Moorish territory done for around eight hundred years. Also the museum has a number of works by different local artists as ‘’Alonzo Cano’’.


The Festival of music and dance attracts many visitors from all over the word because is a veritable explosion of art and a mixture of the incredible heritage of Granada with its places, monuments and history.

Images sources : h-alhambrapalace – complexmania – pinterest