Top 10 delicious Spanish dishes to taste in Spain

Spain is famous for its renowned art, rich history, vibrant culture, massive architecture, beautiful museums, imposing beaches, and Spanish dishes. There are many regions each one has its traditional dishes and cooking techniques.

Spanish dishes are mixture of fresh, colorful, and flavors ingredients from all corners of the country. If you are spending your vacation in Spain, don’t miss the opportunity to taste the Spanish dishes. That gathered the past and present, culture and ethnicities, sea and mountains.

 Here is our list of the top 10 delicious Spanish dishes to taste in Spain.


1- Paella:

Spanish dish: Paellavia – simplyrecipes

Paella is one of the most traditional and popular Spanish dishes. It originates from the Valencia region. In Spain, paella has three common types. First, Seafood Paella includes rice, seafood, and seasoning. Second, Paella Valenciana has white rice, vegetables, chicken, duck and rabbit meat, land snails, beans, and spices. Last, Paella Mixta is a freestyle mixture made of rice, chicken, seafood, vegetables, olive oil, saffron, and rosemary.


2- Gazpacho:

Traditional Gazpachovia – dinemagazine

Gazpacho is a famous cold Andalusian soup based on tomatoes. On a hot summer’s day, it makes a refreshing lunchtime dish. Its principal ingredients are tomato, peppers, garlic, bread, lots of olive oil. Mixing pestle-and-mortared cucumber, onion, salt, water, and wine vinegar.


3- Jamón Ibérico:

Jamon Ibericovia – amigofoods

Jamón Ibérico or cured ham is one of the most popular Spanish tapas dishes. It is made from either mountain pig that is the most common kind or the more expensive is the black Iberian pig.

The legs of these cured hams are salted and hung to dry to preserve and consume them throughout the long winter. The best way to serve ham as a snack on its own, or with a little bread.


4- Churros:

Churrosvia – sandiego

Churros are a fried dough pastry. They are the most famous sweet cut into sausage shapes and soaked in sugar. This sweet is a favorite at festival, or street parties. If you want to buy, one you will find it at roadside street stalls.


5- Tortilla Española:

Spanish Tortillavia – carolinescooking

Tortilla Española or “tortilla de patatas” is another traditional Spanish tapas dish. Where potatoes are the principal ingredients after eggs, onion, salt, and pepper. Besides, there are many forms of tortilla. Some of them are tortilla with thicker texture, and other thinner and softer.

The tortilla is the most common dish in Spain. You can eat it as a main dish, a snack, or even in a sandwich, which is popular with kids.


6- Crema Catalana:

Crema Catalanavia – eyeonspain

Crema Catalana or crema de Sant Josep, prepared on March 19, on St. Joseph’s Day. This crema is a Spanish custard dessert alike to the French crème brulée. Wherever its origin, It is a perfect dessert for spring. Taste and let it dissolve in your mouth.

This creamy dessert made with milk, cream, egg yolks, sugar, vanilla, orange peel, cinnamon, and caramelized sugar tops.


7- Queso Manchego:

Queso Manchegovia – cadenaser

Queso Manchego or “The Cheese of Don Quixote“is a delicious cheese made of sheep milk. The Manchego cheese prepared from a specific sheep breed called “Manchega” in the La Mancha region.  However, you can find it all over Spain.

Its aged time between 30 days and 2 years. The cheese color differs from white to silvery-yellow. Besides, the inedible peel from yellow to brownish-beige. When you taste the cheese, you can feel a distinctive flavor. Not too strong, but creamy with a slight piquancy, and leaves an aftertaste like sheep’s milk.


8-Espetos de Sardinas:

Espetos de Sardinasvia – friendlyrentals

Espetos de Sardinas are grill sardines. This is one of the main ways to prepare fish in Marbella. If you are spending your vacation in Marbella, or anywhere in Costa del Sol. You should taste Espetos de Sardinas on the beach is a cheap meal, healthy and ideal for a hot summer day on the beach.

Espetos de Sardinas means sardines skewered with wooden sticks. Which are planted in the sand next to a fire. Where the fishermen themselves cook some of the tastiest sardines on burning coals.


9- Chorizo:

Chorizovia – navarretintoibericos

Chorizo is a pork sausage and considered one of the most popular Spanish meats. What makes this sausage special is the smoked paprika gives it a hearty kick. As well as other flavors, include garlic, white wine, and herbs. After mixing the pork with other ingredients, the pork went to ferment and then slowly smoked. The final step is to cure the sausage for several weeks.

This pork sausage served alongside meat, potatoes and other vegetables. It gives them a rich depth of flavor, smokiness, and color to dishes.


10- Fabada Asturiana:

spanish dish: Fabada Asturianavia – letsbuyinspain

Fabada Asturiana, or Fabada, originally from the autonomous community of Asturias. This delicious dish is perfect for cold winter months. It is rich with white bean, pork, chorizo, and saffron that is typically served during lunch.

You can find this dish all over the country and in Spanish restaurants worldwide. You will even see the canned version in most grocery store shelves across the country.