Top 7 best Galicia beaches in Spain

Galicia is home to several imposing beaches. It is surrounded by two sides: water of the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Cantabrian Sea to the north. It stretches around 1200km of coastline, filled with tiny bays and inlets.

Check out our list of the top 7 best Galicia beaches in Spain that you should not miss in your trip:


1- Cathedrals Beach:

Cathedrals Beach Galiciavia – hiddeninspain

As Catedrais or Cathedral’s Beach is one of Spain‘s most famous beaches. It is located across the north coast of Galicia and bordered with Asturias. The beach acquired Cathedral’s name, due to its dazzling rock formations. That seems to be stone cathedrals high above the sand.

The area transforms completely depending on the level of the sea. During high tide, the beach vanishes under the force of the waves. During low tide, you can notice the natural tunnels formed by water erosion. Besides, the best thing you can do in your vacation is to walk the 1400 meters of sandy beach. Discovering the myriad caves, crevices, and rock formations, the sea continues to carve it.


2- Carnota Beach:

Carnota Beach Galiciavia – dondeviajamos

The longest beach in Galicia, and stretches for a total of 7 kilometers called Carnota. It is situated on the western coast. Approximately about 70km from Santiago de Compostela city.

The beach size makes finding an isolated place to relax easily. Besides, its sand is fine and white and the sea is crystal blue, which makes it ideal for swimming. Also, there are lifeguards positioned at every corner of the beach.


3- Rodas Beach:

Rodas Beach Galiciavia – farodevigo

I’m sure that you will fall in love with Rodas beach. It is situated on the Islas Cies that you can find it off the coast of Vigo on the west coast of Galicia. Besides, this beach extends 1 kilometer and over 60 meters wide. Linking Faro and Monteagudo islands.

The beach is popular for its gorgeous fine powder-white sand and sapphire blue water. It is ideal for swimming or sunbathing, and forests almost meeting the sea. Besides, Rodas beach is the most important in the Cíes Islands archipelago. As well as, it offers services like restaurants and a campsite that makes it the ideal beach to spend a vacation.


4- Riazor Beach:

Riazor Beach Galiciavia – inspain

Riazor beach is one of the major beaches in Coruña‘s province. It was awarded a Blue Flag and close to the city. Besides, it is an attractive moon shape with fine white sand, and aquamarine waters. Also, it’s perfect for a variety of sports such as swimming, windsurfing, and sailing.


5- Chanteiro Beach:

Chanteiro Beach Galiciavia – turismo

Chanteiro beach is situated on a peninsular, jutting out above the Coruña city. Close to Ferrol, and it is popular as one of the Ares beaches. This small bay stretches about 150m long and 60m wide. It has shinning clear, tranquil, and shallow waters. Making it perfect for families and their children.


6- A Lanzada Beach:

A Lanzada beach Galiciavia – osalnes

A Lanzada is another well-known beach in Galicia. Lies on the part of the land that links O Grove island-like municipality with the mainland. It takes from you one hour to get there from Pontevedra city.

The gorgeous beach extends for more than 2 km with fine white sand. Besides, it provides services like showers, changing rooms, and lifeguards. As well as there are Water sports including bodyboarding, surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing.


7- Pantin Beach:

Pantin Beach Galiciavia – xornalgalicia

Pantin is one of the most popular beaches in Galicia. Located on the top northwestern corner of Spain in Valdoviño. This beach is one of Spain’s premier surfing destinations. Because it has good quality and consistent waves throughout the year.

This beach has pure white sand and stunningly clear water. You can find a large parking area with wooden walkways to the sand. As well as, showers that work throughout the year, and lifeguards in the area on patrol during the summer.