Where to spend a weekend in Spain: the top 10 best places to visit

Are you searching for the best places to see in a weekend in Spain for the coming trip, please keep on reading! Spain is a fascinating country with different cultures in its distinct regions. It has many historical sites to discover: Roman ruins, Islamic architecture from the Moorish era, medieval castles and fortifications, palaces and…

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Top 11 Best things to do in Alicante Spain (That You Can’t Miss)

Alicante is one of Spain’s most magnificent destinations. It is the capital of eastern Spain’s Costa Blanca region. It has a huge list of attractions suitable for everyone and all ages will find something to enjoy their time. Besides, Alicante has stunning beaches, huge plazas, wonderful parks, castles, museums and other archaeological sites for tourists…

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Top 10 Most Famous Monuments in Spain you need to visit

Top 10 Most Visited Monuments in Spain

Spain possesses an immense number of impressive monuments. People travel across the world to discover the beautiful mixture of cultural attractions. The list of landmarks in Spain is impressive, from the ancient  cathedrals,  castles left by the Romans and Moors, the incredible works of art to the futuristic museums. It’s a tough choice deciding which…

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