Top 10 best Christmas markets in Spain to visit

In Spain, Christmas is an important event is the best time to discover its joy and charming atmosphere. As the festive season approaches, Spain becomes a country filled of life, with the smell of warm wine, roast chestnuts and sparkling lights. In fact, this is the best time to visit the country, to take advantage of the cold weather and buy Christmas decorations. Below is a list of the top 10 best Christmas Markets to see in Spain.


1- Galicia Christmas Market:

The Christmas market in Santiago de Compostelavia – oneroadatatime

The Christmas market in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, is not just a pilgrimage to the cathedral. The city’s Christmas market is a gourmet and pottery market with over 50 stands featuring a selection of Spanish drinks, patisseries, snacks and Christmas sweets.


2- Bilbao Christmas Market:

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The Bilbao Christmas market is the best in Spain. This market takes place annually in honor of Saint Thomas on December 21. It features Basque products such as tortillas, Txakoli, churros and local cider, plus many large rides, carrousels, the famous Thomas the Train merry-go-round and many other rides, particularly for kids.


3- Zaragoza Christmas Market :

Zaragoza Christmas Marketvia – goaragon

This market is one of the most beautiful Christmas market in Zaragoza It is situated in the Plaza del Pilar, next to the basilica of the same name. On your way to the market, you will see Gothic cathedrals, Moorish monuments and the sanctuary of the Virgin Mary.

The nativity scene and its surrounds occupy around 1,500 m2 and spread across the city like a maze, with over 50 life-size figures. In addition, more than 40 stands offer homemade pastries, viennoiseries, spiced wines and Christmas decorations. Plus, parades and concerts during opening hours.

The Christmas market is the ideal place to spend Christmas with the family, with many attractions, including a merry-go-round, ice rink, toboggan run, music and dance shows.


4- Barcelona Christmas Market:

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The Christmas market in Barcelona, known as the Feira de Santa Lucia, is the oldest and largest of its kind in Spain. It is held annually in the Plaça Nova, next to the Gothic Cathedral of Barcelona. The market has 300 stalls selling souvenirs such as hand-carved nativity figurines, including the cheeky caganer, which can only found in Catalonia. Throughout the winter holidays, the market hosts traditional Spanish Christmas activities. In addition to a market filled with sculptures of the Virgin Mary, there is also the Tió de Nadal, is a tree trunk filled with sweets and toys that opens when you hit it with a stick.

Another famous Christmas market is La Sagrada Familia, a must-see in winter. Located on the magnificent Basilica Street. You’ll find plenty of sweet stalls, giant carousels, nativity scenes, puppets and pastry. Next time you visit Barcelona, plan to discover the most attractive market in December, it’s worth it!


5- Valencia Christmas Market:

Valencia Christmas Marketsvia – valenciaandgo

This market in Valencia happens at Plaça de l’Ajuntament, just outside Valencia’s Central Market. In addition one part of the market focuses on gastronomy, with popular Spanish treats such as nougat, roasted chestnuts and Christmas sweets. The other stalls sell Christmas decorations, nativity scenes, toys and handicrafts.

 This is a great place to spend the evening with a nice cup of hot chocolate and delicious waffles. There are also plenty of Ferris wheel rides for children, music, dancing, fun cultural shows, photo booths and candy stores.


6- Granada Christmas Market:

Granada Christmas Marketvia – piccavey

Granada’s Christmas Market is famous throughout the country, held in Plaza Bib-Rambla from early December until King’s Day.

The market has roughly 70 stalls and offers a variety of products like Christmas figurines, nativity scenes, toys, and crafts, such as leatherwork, pottery, silver, and jewelry. Just 3 minutes away from the market is the Puerta Real Christmas Fair, which focuses on food and handcrafted items such as beer, wine, snacks, candy and traditional cakes. It’s a charming and quiet little place to start your Christmas celebrations!


7- Córdoba Christmas Market :

 Córdobavia – cordoba24

The annual Christmas market in Cordoba takes place in Plaza de las Tendillas and boasts over 47 festive stalls. Here, you can purchase Christmas gifts, figurines, and wooden toys for children. Additionally, a variety of sweets, snacks, and goodies are available. Cordoba, located in the Andalusia region, was formerly a Roman and Islamic capital during the Middle Ages and features many fascinating landmarks. Enjoy the Christmas market before visiting the Roman Temple, Mosque, or Cathedral of Cordoba, all located within a short walk, 3-8 minutes away.


8- Seville Christmas Market:

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Seville has one of the largest Christmas markets in Spain: Feria del Belen, which is located near the Seville Cathedral. In this market, you can visit stalls selling wooden Nativity figures, delicious cold weather snacks, and learn more about the festival, traditional ways of celebrating Christmas, and the story of Jesus’ life in Bethlehem.


9- Madrid Christmas Market:

Madrid Christmas Marketsvia – christmasmarketsineurope

Madrid has many Christmas markets. The most famous are the Plaza Mayor Christmas Market and the Passeio de Recoletos Christmas Market. The Plaza Mayor Christmas Fair, also known as Mercado de Navidad, is the oldest market in the Spanish capital’s historic center, existing since the 19th century. There are more than 100 wooden stalls in the market, which is dominated by the color red in honor of the Christmas season. The majority of the vendors sell traditional Christmas items such as figurines, nativity scenes and tree decorations, while the rest of the vendors offer entertainment products. 

The second market, located in the Paseo de Recoletos, brings together artisans from all over Spain as well as from Madrid. This market is famous for the quality and variety of its products. The most prestigious artisans are always present. There are more than 200 tents that serve as workshops for the artisans in this area! Don’t miss the opportunity to see the artists at work. They make ceramics, jewelry, glassware, fabric paintings, sculptures and countless other works.


10-  Toledo  Christmas Market :

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Toledo, known as the Visigothic capital of Hispania, has its market in Plaza Willy Barth and its main attraction is Santa Claus descending from the top of Cristo Rey Cathedral to this square in the city center. During the opening hours of this fair, you will find stalls where you can enjoy typical Spanish gastronomy, buy different products such as decorations and Christmas figurines, and during this event you can also enjoy several musical performances.