Madrid is a large city and capital of Spain. It is one of the best cities to discover its different attractions and places.

Here are 8 best attractions in Madrid  to discover, which you certainly would not to miss!


1-  Reina Sofia Museum:

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Reina Sofia museum considered as one of the best and famous attractions in Madrid. It was built as a modern complement to the historical PRADO museum and formally launched by Queen Sofia in 1992 and constructed by a French architect named Jean Nouvel.

The museum includes great works of the most famous Spanish artists and their expensive collections like Salvador Dali and Picasso. Moreover, there are 2 other important museums you can discover in Madrid such as the Museo Del Prado and the Thyssen Bornemisza are attractive too.


 2- The Royal Palace:

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Royale palace is one of the best attractions in Madrid, you should not miss. It functioned as the royal residence starting with Carlos III to the last royals  were Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenie in the early 1900s.

Although the palace is still used for official ceremonies. Besides, there are 50 of the structure’s charming rooms are open to the public, comprising an armory, pharmacy, and the palace’s lavish throne room, or “Salón del Trono,” which features a roof painted by the Baroque artist Tiepolo.

The castle has many imposing features like its gigantic size, boasts more than 2,500 ornately decorated rooms. Its imposing staircase at the entrance hallway, with a fresco of the Triumph of Religion and the Church, that leads up to the main floor. A masterpiece of Rococo style, the Salon de Gasparini features graceful chinoiserie, an elaborately patterned marble floor, and carefully matched silk wall hangings.

Throughout the palace you will discover different masterpieces of art decorate the walls like collection by Velázquez, Goya, Rubens, El Greco, and Caravaggio, and exquisite Flemish and French tapestries.


3- The Plaza Mayor:

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Plaza mayor is the most attractive and famous plazas in Madrid dates back to 1619 during the reign of Philip III . Besides, the plaza was used for different activities like commerce, hosting bullfights, dramatic performances, and knightly tournaments.

Today, the Plaza Mayor is the most important gathering place in Madrid. If you take a tour around it you will notice a magnificent statue of Philip III on horseback stands in the middle of it. Besides, the expansive cobblestone square is a pedestrian area, encircled by outdoor cafés and atmospheric restaurants shaded by its arcades.


4- The Plaza de Cibeles :

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The Plaza De Cibeles is one of the most popular attracttions in Madrid. Located in the central of Alcalà and attached to the Paseo Del Prado.

The plaza contains a fountain attributes the Roman goddess Cybele which explains, agriculture, earth and fertility. Also, as a visitor, it is better to visit the site at night to see the beautiful lights illuminating the plaza and fountain climax the Plaza’s special architecture.


5- Puerta del Sol:

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The Puerta del Sol or “Gate of the Sun,” located in the center of Madrid. This gate is a crossroads where thousands gather each New Year’s Eve to welcome the new year. Besides, In front of the building is Kilometer Zero, a plaque demonstrating the point where the measuring of the national highway system starts.

Moreover, the Strawberry Tree and the statue of the Bear are standing on one side of Puerta del Sol which are considered as a symbol of Madrid. Furthermore, the Puerta del Sol has witnessed many historic events, containing the Spanish resistance to Napoleon in1808, and Second Republic was proclaimed here in 1931.

Today, the gate is a place to hang out and enjoy life surrounded by shops and cafés.


6- Debod Temple:

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Debod Temple is one of Madrid’s most surprising monuments. It is an ancient Egyptian temple was brought to Madrid in 1968. The temple was built for King Adikhalamani in the 2nd century BC.

It comprised several shrines, a large hall, and a terrace on the upper level. The monument is surrounded by peaceful gardens, reflective pools, and a fountain, creating a picturesque effect.


7- Prado Museum:

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Prado is one of the most popular art attractions in Madrid. Besides, it was designed by architect Juan de Villanueva.

The museum has famous masterpieces and a collection of more than 5,000 paintings of art representing culture and history from the 12th century to the 19th century.

The collection of paintings by Francisco de Goya contains a striking 140 works. The assortment also includes Italian, Flemish, French, British, and German paintings as well as Neoclassical Italian sculptures.


8- Beautiful Parks :

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Madrid contains a large number of amazing parks known for their green spaces.

First park is the largest one called the CASA De Campo.  It is  5 times bigger than New York’s central park with 1700 hectares. Besides, it includes a massive lake where schools exercise kayaking for competitions. Second, the Jardines De Sabatini is part of the Royal Palace, it made in a traditional French style with symmetrically trimmed hedges formed into geometric shapes. Moreover, they appear almost like an optical illusion of sorts making them completely unlike from the other parks in Madrid.

Third, King Carlos III decided that he must have a  Royal Botanical Gardens,  designed by the Italian architect Francesco Sabatini. Besides, these gardens include three different greenhouses with three different climates and over 30,000 species of plants.

Finaly, is Retro Park or the Parque del Buen Retiro was a royal property. Opened for the public at the end of the 19th century. Besides, the park is a 350-acre spread of gardens, fountains, and buildings situated at the edge of the city center.

This park is a favorite place for tourists and locals alike. The park features a massive artificial pond where people can rents kayaks and canoes. On the east shore, You will find the Monument to Alfonso XII. Additionally, the Statue Walk, known as Paseo de la Argentina, is decorated with statues from the Royal Palace depicting Spanish kings through the ages.