The top 10 Spanish cities with the magic of Christmas lights

Spending Christmas holiday in Spain can be a beautiful experience; we know Christmas has arrived when the lights turn on. At this time of year, streets become colorful with magic lights and beautiful buildings and squares in Spain. Christmas lights in Spain start at the beginning of December and remain until January 6th. 

Here are the top 10 Spanish cities with the magic of Christmas lights :


1- Madrid:

christmas lights in Madridvia – catshostels

Madrid gets incredibly stunning during vacations. You can start your visit in the luxurious neighborhood of Salamanca to crowded Gran Vía.

Each corner of the city gets decorated with beautiful Christmas lights, and you can discover the districts of Preciados, Arenal, del Carmen, and Plaza Mayor. Those are all near each other, and you can end the stroll with the Christmas market in Plaza Mayor. 


2- Málaga:

Christmas lights in Málagavia – andalucia

Malaga is the second magical city on this list.It used approximately 730,000 thousand LED lights for Christmas!  Besides, the most famous street on Christmas is the Calle Larioscreates a beautiful effect with a light ceiling that feels the stars with some baubles floating around from time to time. 

While discovering this street, you could admire the seven giant trees circulating in the city. the tallest one is eighteen meters, and the smallest one is six meters. The city puts up two types of trees: the first; is traditional Christmas trees located in Parque Huelin, Plaza de la Marina, Plaza de la Constitución, Plaza Enrique García, and of coure, in the Calle Molina Lario. The second; are Almendros are in Plaza del Teatro Cervantes and the Calle Alcazabilla. 


3- Sevilla:

Christmas in Sevillavia – notjustatourist

Sevilla city is the perfect definition of Christmas in Southern Spain. Inside its neighborhoods, you can find a few nativity scenes, 10 Christmas trees, and over 100 streets decorated with lights. The streets are decorated with Christmas light motifs like baubles, snowflakes, and stars. Also, you can enjoy 288 streets and plazas with Christmas lights. 


4- Zaragoza:

Christmas lights in Zaragozavia – internationalliving

Zaragoza is the capital of the region of Aragón. It has a unique Christmas vibe that makes you feel like on a holy village in a Christmas movie. The Christmas lights in this city are primarily in the Plaza del Pilar. There you will find the tree of wishes, which received its name from hand-written paper that people add to the branches through December. 

Beside the Plaza del Pilar, you can visit the Christmas market, go ice skating, walk among the nativity scenes, and go for the last slide in the snowy toboggan.


5- Palma de Mallorca:

christmas lights in Palma de Mallorcavia – mallorcaunderthesun

Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.  The most stunning Christmas lights in Palma de Mallorca belong to the gigantic tree in Parc de la Mar, which includes a tunnel in the middle for people to take a picture inside. Besides, people in Palma de Mallorca enjoy the lighted trees in Passeig des Born, Las Ramblas, and the Plaza Mayor. 


6- Murcia:

christmas  in Murciavia – murciatoday

Once the last day of November hits, Murcia city is covered for the holiday season. The city center displays a Christmassy red carpet, motif lanterns, and Christmas lights decorating trees and buildings.  During your visit, try to visit The Craft Fair to enjoy the craftsmanship, culture, handmade nativity scenes, and traditions of the city. 


7- Vigo (Pontevedra):

christmas in Vigovia – venagalicia

Vigo city is located on the northwestern coast of Spain, right over Portugal. At Christmas, it starts the light installations in October. Also, it uses eleven million LED lights to transform into a magical town.

Most of the decorations are iconic, the first being the illuminated Ferris wheel at the end of the Plaza de Compostela street. The second one is the giant Snowman made of only lights; the third one is the 30 meters Christmas tree decorated only with lights. The last is a big Christmas present in their Gran Vía. In addition to that, you will find a snow machine to ensure guests will experience a white Christmas while checkout out the markets that offer artisan products and great food. 


8- Barcelona:

christmas lights in Barcelona

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The Christmas lights in Barcelona make it a magical place to experience the celebrations. Barcelona has ten neighborhoods with the best Christmas light that you will see in your life. Each street decorates differently with lights that make people feel like they are in Santa Claus village. 


9- Valencia:

christmas in Valenciavia – flickr

The Valencian Community decorates its districts with flying lights and baubles, but there are three main things to discover during your vacation that make it worth a visit: 

The markets: are Craft Fair in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, and the Craft Show in the Colón market. You will find impressive handmade gifts to buy in both markets. 

The nativity scenes, the Mediterranean city has the tradition to hand-craft the crucial stages of the bible that precede Jesus’s birth and, later on, sharing their art with everyone. 

Les Ilums de Vivers Set up in the historical Jardins des Vivers, the park uses lights and technology to create a fantasy environment for a magical evening in Valencia. 


10- Gijón:

christmas lights in Gijonvia – europeanbestdestinations

This year, Gijon city pulled out all the stops to transform its streets into a scene of Christmas lights. The number of decorative displays was extended, and more streets and districts were illuminated.

The almost 40 new areas and streets illuminated this year were joined by an increase in the number of three-dimensional decorative elements. In addition to last season’s displays, 18 new items were added: a pine tree and a gift in Las Palmeras park; a pine tree in Cuatro Caminos, in front of the Ateneo de La Calzada; and a gift inside which one can stroll in Sara Suárez Solís square.

Older Christmas decorations are displayed in the city center. These include a special light and music cone, a walking sphere, holly and pine trees… On the other side, a pine tree and an LED light tunnel were installed in the Fábrica del Gas park.