Best time to visit Spain

Spain is one of the best travel destinations in the world. Besides, it is one of the biggest countries in Europe. However, before traveling there, you will need to decide where to go and when the best time to visit Spain.

Your trip to Spain will differ from one region to another. Each one has its climate, festivals, and places to discover. As well as it depends on what time of the year you travel.

Keep in mind whatever the time you chose to visit Spain. Each season has its benefits. In summer, there are vivid festivals, sunny weather, and beautiful beaches. As well as, in downfalls, you can enjoy the weather is neither too hot nor too cold.

Counting on what you consider the most important part of your trip. Here is our month-by-month guide when you should visit Spain.


1- The best seasons to visit Spain:

The best time to travel to Spain is in the spring months. From March to May or during the autumn between September and November. Especially if you decided to go to the Mediterranean coastal areas of Andalucía.

These months are known as the off-season. You will find reasonable prices, cheaper accommodation, and fewer crowds. Moreover, the spring season is known for its warm weather enough to hit the beach. Also, there are many festivals and events that you should not miss! Besides, you will enjoy the delicious food, magnificent museums, and massive architecture. That is well worth discovering.


2- The Weather in Spain:

The weather in Spain is balmy all year long. However, a typical day in summer is around 90 degrees. If you want to escape the hot weather. Go to northern Spain where temperatures are closer to 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, the temperatures around 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the country. Which makes the temperature best for skiing in the hills.

The best seasons to visit beaches is during the late spring to early summer or from late summer to autumn. They are quieter and less crowded, and you can still enjoy the warm weather.

If you are looking for warm weather all year-round, you can find it in the Gran Canary Islands. That is an ideal spot for a beach getaway, sunbathing, and ocean swimming at any time of year!


3- Spain Travel Seasons:


Peak Season:

The summer months, especially July and August are the peak seasons in Spain. If you are planning to visit Spain at this months. Expect big crowds, long lines, busy beaches, higher prices for hotels, and expensive flights. To combat this, try to book earlier to avoid any higher prices. It will not be cheap, but it should be less expensive than planning a last-minute trip.

If you are in Spain, you can be a part of festivities, like the running of the bulls in Pamplona or the Tomatina Festival in Buñol. Besides, you will find some shops even close down completely in August.


Shoulder Season:

The shoulder season, generally from April through mid-June, and September to October. This season can be a great time to visit Spain. With an amiable temperature, perfect for sightseeing with fewer crowds, and long-enough daylight. You might be able to find some cheaper accommodation rates and flights too.

These months are the best time to enjoy several festivities. The magnificent parades and fireworks in the Las Fallas festival in Valencia. The imposing processions of the Semana Santa in Andalucía. The popular  zarzuelas throughout May in Madrid and The April Fair in Seville.



The off-seasons in Spain are the winter months from November to February. The climate is generally cold and dry. That makes the temperature best for skiing in the hills. Additionally, you can discover the sights and enjoy a more peaceful atmosphere.

This is a good season for travelers on a budget, with accommodations and flights at their lowest of the year. This is also the time to experience some of the most important festivals in Spain.


4- Spain month by month guide: 

Spain is known for its variety of events and festivals throughout the year. It attracts visitors from all around the world. If you plan to travel to be part of one of these festivities, it is better during the spring and summer seasons.

To help you decide when the best time to visit Spain. And which festival to attend here is a month-by-month guide of what goes on in Spain:



January is Spain’s offseason. Less crowded, hotels and accommodations are cheap in this month.

For sport winter lovers, January is the ideal season to go to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Doing some snowboarding, skiing, and enjoying the picturesque mountain views. As well as, in the Pyrenees and Picos de Europa, there is plenty of snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

Moreover, January was known by two major festivals. The Three Kings Day on the sixth, and the famous festival San Sebastian.



In February, most people opt to go south of Spain. The rest of the country is rainy and has cold temperatures. Particularly in Madrid and other northern cities like Bilbao and Galicia.

February is well known for being the month of Carnival, which celebrates the starting of Lent. As well as, the Jerez festival or flamenco festival is the most famous in Spain.



March is one of the most magnificent months to visit Spain. It marks the beginning of spring. Where trees start to bud and blossom, and flowers flourish. Besides, in this season you can enjoy museums before the tour groups roll in. And hit the hiking trails before it gets hot.

Furthermore, March famed by its unbelievable festivals like Las Fallas in Valencia. As well as, another festival called Semana Santa or Holy Week during Easter. These events cannot be missed.



April is one of the best months to visit Spain! If you booked your flight in April to Andalusia, so be ready to go and enjoy the sun on the beach.

For the activities, you can discover monuments, mountain biking, rock climbing, quad tours, and helicopter flights. Besides, April month is known by festivals. Like the Feria de Abril in Seville, a spring fair that demonstrates Spanish culture. As well as the massive music festival Festmad in Madrid.



May is the perfect month to visit Spain. It has warm weather, sunny days with long evenings, and ideal for city strolls of walks along the beach. Besides, during this mouth beaches start to fill up in the south, but the rest of the country experiences divine weather as well.

The warm weather brings with it fun festivals like the bullfighting festival and Patios Festival in Cordoba.



June is not the peak season but tourists start to roll in. Besides, it is remarkable at museums, cathedrals, and beaches. Moreover, the flight prices and hotels start raising preparing for the peak season. Thus, you had better get your reservation in advance.

If you are planning to visit Spain in June. There are some events you can enjoy your eyes out like the Water and Ham Festival in Granada.

For water sports lovers, June is the best time to head to Tarifa for some kite surfing. The water isn’t too crowded and the wind is stellar, so it’s the perfect time to take a lesson!



July is the busiest and hottest month of the year in Spain. This time the locals flee to the coast for some sea breezes and ocean views. If you are visiting Spain during this period. Be prepared for huge crowds everywhere. As well as, expensive hotels, flights, and long waits in restaurants.

During this period, there are many things to discover. As well as, festivals and events to take part. Like The San Fermin festival, the running of the bulls, and the Benicassim Festival. It worth attending if you are in the city.



August is the hottest second month in Spain. For beach lovers, Spain has magnificent beaches in Galicia, Basque county, and Asturias. That is ideal for swimming and enjoying the sun.

Moreover, Spain is known for an annual festival held during this month called La Tomatina. Thousands of people take part in a big tomato fight. That takes place in Bunol on the last Wednesday in August.



September is officially the end of summer and the peak season in Spain. Choose September as the best time to visit Spain because the busiest time of the year is winding down.

This month is still warm but it is supportable than August and July. So you can go back to visit places like Madrid, Cordoba, and Barcelona. As well as other cities without feeling as you are going to melt.

If you are heading to Spain in September, be sure to go to the La Merce festival, one of the biggest festivals. Celebrates Barcelona’s patron saint. As well as, do not forget to grab tickets to the San Sebastian Film Fest.



If you do not like the heat and crowds of summer. October is the perfect month for you to discover Spain. The weather starts to cool off and the cities begin to empty. Besides, it is the best time to explore the inland cities like Madrid, Salamanca, and Andalucía.

For beach lovers, you need to go to the north of Spain, where October brings some of the best surfing during the year.

In terms of festivals, the Bienal de Flamenco is the largest flamenco festival in Seville. Keep in mind that it only happens once every two years!



November in Spain is quiet and cold, but there is plenty of activities to do that make it a worthwhile time for a visit.

November is the best month to spend your vacation in events like the International Sherry Festival in Jerez. And the Jazz Festival in Madrid that attracts people from all over the world. As well as, Fiesta de La Almudena in Madrid.



Finally, Spain gets some peace from the summer. Also, the country prepares for the Christmas season. Besides, December weather differs from one region to another.

You can choose whether to go skiing to the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains or to enjoy lying on the beach on an island. The choice is yours.

December is the time to prepare for Christmas festivities throughout the country. To close the year, December is the best month to celebrate the New Year in Puerto Del Sol in Madrid. With huge crowds, all gathered to celebrate until the clock strikes midnight.


Spain has countless events and festivals to celebrate during the year. As you can see, each month in Spain is different from the other. So, no matter when and where to go but keep in mind to book earlier because Spain has something for everyone at any time.