Top 8 best parks and gardens to visit in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona offers endless sort impressive sights and attractions; you will spend most of your time exploring its beautiful parks and gardens. Most of the Barcelona parks surround the city center. The largest Barcelona parks are found along the waterfront or at the northwestern end of the city, where the landscape becomes mountainous.

Here, travelers will find quiet, meditative green spaces, complete with historic buildings, followed by walking paths and crowned with views of the city streets, all ideal for an evening stroll. Here is our list of the top 8 best parks and gardens to see in Barcelona.


1- Ciutadella Park :

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Ciutadella Park is one of the best parks in Barcelona, located on the site of the former citadel, near the sea and next to the Born neighborhood. The park includes 17 hectares, with regular gardens, a majestic waterfall, a boating lake, historic architecture, and a zoological park. In the middle of the park sits the citadel former arsenal building, is the residence of the Parliament of Catalonia, and against the parliament building is Plaça de Joan Fiveller, highlighting a pond in the middle of oval rings of well-manicured greenery.

The park includes a stunning waterfall fountain dating back to the 19th century called Cascada Fountain that dominates the rest of place. In addition, it attributes many stone sculptures like a rearing Pegasus, flower-bearing cherubs, a golden phoenix, a griffin, and a central carve of the birth of Venus.

Between the fountain and Parliament stands a small lake that provides rowboat rentals and many pavilions for shade. Besides the lake, remember to explore the unique wooly mammoth sculpture added to the park in 1907. West of the lake is a chain of garden paths leading to the Castell dels Tres Dragons, an 1888 brick and iron structure with battlements that looks like a classic medieval fortress castle.


2- Güell Park :

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Güell Park is one of Antoni Gaudi most famous masterpieces. It includes an impressive collection of his works. The park has a  combination of architectural design, including mosaic tiles and stunning undulating shapes, towering over the Barcelona skyline with an impressive expanse of the mediterranean in the background. A visit to this park is a must for any art lover. Beyond the buildings, the park traced with paths through green spaces and woodlands characterized by magnolias, lavender, rosemary, and varieties of trees, like almond and olive trees.


3-  Montjuïc Park :

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Montjuïc Park described as the park of parks because of its many public spaces and gardens dotted over its slopes. Moreover, the park contains a large area on and around Montjuïc, south of the city center. The small mountain overlooks the main Mediterranean terminals, with the 17th-century Castel de Montjuïc at its peak. Today, it is a military museum that provides picturesque views of the city and the water.

The park includes one of the best botanical gardens in Barcelona, the Botanic Garden of Barcelona, located to the southwest of the castle. It contains five landscaped zones designed to mock habitats and terrain from the World. This garden followed by the Museum of the Botanic Institute of Barcelona, where visitors can learn about the legacy of the fine garden. Montjuïc Park has other attractions, including forest trails, lovely picnic areas, and a chain of landmarks and museums like the 17th-century Castell de Montjuic, the Olympic Sports Museum, the Barcelona Ethnology Museum, and the fascinating Museum of Funeral Carriages.


4- Jardins del Palau de Pedralbes:

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Jardins del Palau de Pedralbes is one of the most magnificent parks of Barcelona, located inside the walls of the Royal Palace of Pedralbes, the official residence of the Royal Spanish Family from 1919 and 1931. Furthermore, the park includes magnificent topiaries and colorful planted beds. It is outstanding for its notable trees, including Japanese, Atlas, and perfume cedars. Also, the park has attractive architectural and sculptural elements, including the Hercules Fountain, designed by Antoni Gaudí, which spouts water through the mouth of a stylized steel dragon.

Each summer, the gardens host cultural and music events, one of which is the Festival de Pedralbes attracts a wide variety of internationally-renowned musicians and performing artists.


5- Parc del Laberint d’Horta:

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Horta Labyrinth Park was designed in 1791 by Domenico Bagutti. The park has an impressive maze in the middle formed with manicured cypress trees that provide dense walls as well has a small fountain and a statue of Eros, the Greek God of Love. Several temples allow a view of the labyrinth and the park from above. Visitors will discover statues of Greek characters, including Theseus and the nine muses. Furthermore, at the end of the park, there are a majestic neoclassical pavilion and a pond from where visitors can enjoy the best views of Barcelona.

The maze stretches 750-square-meter of geometric pathways, bound by immaculately trimmed cypress trees. After conquering the labyrinth mysteries, discover the surrounding 18th and 19th-century gardens and admire the medieval Torre Sobirana, the remains of a 14th-century palace.


6- Laribal Gardens:

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Laribal Gardens is situated on the lower inclines of Montjuïc and borders the larger Jardins de Joan Maragall. The Gardens involve five hectares of terraced landscape was designed for the 1929 Barcelona World’s Fair. Moreover, the park has numerous notable sculptures and decorative fountains, including the Fountain of the Cat (Font del Gat ), a famous picnic spot. In addition, the park’s flora highlights a combination of trees, aromatics, decorative flowers, fig, and palm trees, and more formal gardens of rosemary, lavender, and geraniums, as well as the Colla de l’Arròs rose garden.


7- Cervantes Park :

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Cervantes Park is one of the best parks in Barcelona, situated west of the city center in the Les Corts district, involving four hectares and using every centimeter. It is known for its roses, with over 10,000 rose bushes blooming from spring to fall. The park hosts the annual International Rose Competition in May, in which rose growers challenged to create new varieties of fragrant flowers.


8- Espanya Industrial Park :

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This impressive park built in the middle of the last century by a major textile company. This beautiful park  results from a competition won by the architects Luis Peña Ganchegui and Francesc Ruis, who combined aspects of modern art and architecture in their green space. The park is located near the principal train station, Sants. The main entrance of the park is on Calle Muntadas Street. Besides, the park’s most known feature is the giant Dragon of St. George sculpture, which doubles as a slide for kids. In addition, it has diverse attractions, including its central artificial lake, flanked by lighthouses and broad steps, and at the center, a statue of Neptune overlooks the water.