Top 7 best Activities with children in Madrid

If you are visiting Madrid with your children and love doing activities with them. In this magical city, you can find different places and unique attractions for having a great time together. In addition, visiting Madrid with children can be enjoyable with previous planning. Here are some of the top 7 best activities to do with children in Madrid.


1- Museums:

Prado Museumvia – pradomuseumtickets

Madrid has a broad collection of museums that are suitable for children. For revealing masterpieces by Goya, Velazquez, Rembrandt, El Greco, and Picasso, a must visit to the city’s most famous museum Prado Museum. Kids can enjoy Prado tours that inspire their visual memories about Mythological themes, the importance of animals in several paintings, and artistic techniques.

Moreover, there is another type of museum where fun is assured, such as the Museum of Illusions, a world of optical illusions located nearby the central landmark of the Puerta del Sol square.

Another option is the newest Robot Museum, which opened in 2013. This place exhibits all types of cyborgs: retro robots from decades past, friendly robot dogs, reproductions of popular robots from your favorite movies, and even two intelligent androids that interact with visitors. In addition to the engaging displays, kids can learn something new through the fun live events.


2- Parks:

EL Retiro Park Madridvia – lonelyplanet

Children always love parks; one of the best parks in Marid, EL Retiro Park, is the largest destination for active and open-air adventures. This fantastic park has 125 acres and is home to 15,000 trees. Besides, a collection of inviting gardens such as the Jardines de Cecilio Rodríguez and the eye-popping Rosaleda rose garden. Kids will surely enjoy freely running around the park, having picnics in the gardens, and exploring El Retiro’s artificial lake on a rowing boat.

Madrid Rio is another modern park and one of Madrid’s recent treasures. This park is located south of the city center along the banks of the Manzanares River. This beautiful park has become an ideal spot for locals and travelers of all ages. The park has green spaces complemented by sleek metal bridges and numerous playgrounds. You can discover the park by strolling around or; renting bikes is a beautiful experience when the kids use up all their energy and spend some time relaxing in one of the lovely cafes.


3- Santiago Bernabéu Stadium:

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Activities with childrenvia –  wikipedia

If your kids are sports lovers, the best thing to do in Madrid is to discover the impressive Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the home stadium of Real Madrid since 1947. This stadium is the second-largest in Spain; you will be fascinated by the panoramic views of the inside of the 81,044-seat stadium, as well as exploring the most prestigious trophies won by Real Madrid.


4- Visit a Zoo:

Faunia madridvia – tegustaviajar

One of the most famous zoos in Madrid is Faunia. It has a natural space with over 1,200 animals from 152 different species. Split over the recreation of 4 ecosystems and 15 themed areas adjusted to each category, with their habitat, temperature, light, and humidity conditions. The park has different serving areas, a children’s playground, and a visit exhibiting the reproduction of distinct dinosaurs.

Another modern and creative place is the Atlantis Aquarium Madrid, situated in the Intu Xanadú commercial just 20 minutes from Madrid. This place is a unique educational, and interactive concept for all ages. It aims to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable development through learning about aquatic ecosystems.

During your visit, remember to follow a 6,000 square meter route made up of 20 aquariums, in which 10,000 specimens of 150 species, you can discover the careta turtle, the gentoo penguin, the grey shark, tropical fish, corals, and jellyfish.


5-  Churros and Hot Chocolate:

Churros and Hot Chocolate, Activities with childrenvia – deliartfoods

Another activity to do with your kids is dipping churros into Hot Chocolate. Children love this dessert and the fun way of eating them by dipping the thin churros into the thick dark chocolate. Just make sure your children aren’t wearing a white t-shirt that day.


6-  The Royal Palace of Madrid:

Royale palace Madidvia – oddviser

The Royal Palace of Madrid, known as Palacio Real Madrid, is the largest in Western Europe, located in the western part of downtown Madrid. The castle spreads across 135,000 square meters and harbors 3,418 rooms. In addition to the vast gardens, the famous palace is known for its luxurious furniture. Although it is the official residence of the Spanish Crown, the King and Queen do not reside there. The castle used to host state ceremonies, events, royal balls, peace talks, and other political events.


7- Day trips from Madrid:

Strawberry Train of Madridvia – tripadvisor

If you still have several days and would like to explore some nearby cities, you can ride a tourist train like the Strawberry Train will take you to Aranjuez with all the staff dressed in period costumes. As well as the Cervantes Train travels to Alcalá de Henares with the Stewardesses dressed in costumes from the Golden Age or the Philip II Train which, goes to San Lorenzo de El Escorial with onboard entertainment.

If you are a nature lover, you could discover nearby Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, which offers families plenty of hiking opportunities and see rocks shaped like animals. As well as try to visit Toledo, a UNESCO-listed city filled with gardens, palaces, and majestic bridges