10 beautiful waterfalls in Spain, absolutely worth a visit

Spain is one of the most wonderful countries in Europe. It is known for its gastronomy, architecture, music and beautiful beaches. The best time to explore the waterfalls is in the wet season of fall, the winter and the spring. In that article, we are going to discover  top10 beautiful waterfalls in Spain, absolutely worth a visit. Whether you are seeking an adventure, a bird watching, a picnic or a swim, Spain has a waterfall for you!


1- Caozo WaterFalls:

Caozo Fallsvia – hoteles

Caozo Falls are located near Valdastillas and only one kilometer away from the main road. You can access the falls by car, as the walk to the falls is only 100m from the parking.

These marvelous falls are surrounded by olive, cherry and chestnut trees. The waterfalls are prettiest right after the rain, but the best time to see the Cascada de Caoza is in the fall and spring. In addition, the place enjoys a fresh smell of fruits and water, making it one of the best cascades in Spain.


2- Fervenza Do Toxa Waterfalls:

Fervenza Do Toxavia – freepik

The Fervenza Do Toxa waterfalls are one of the highest and most popular in Spain. It is located on the river Toxa and near Silleda. It is a 60-meter waterfall, and you may swim in the natural pond and later visit the famous monastery, that you can achieve by walking the path directly from the pond.

The Fervenza do Toxa is framed by oaks, pines, cork oaks and chestnut trees, as well as native plants like the Xesta. The Waterfall is more challenging to locate because of poor signage and restricted directions to reach it.


3- Nervion Waterfalls:

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The Nervion Waterfall is the largest in Spain. It has a unique drop of 222 metres. Located in the south of Delika, and it forms the Rio Nervion river. The best time to visit it is in the spring, and in the rainy season.

The waterfall is a stunning place to capture nature, animals and birds. It is possible to view the Cascada del Nervion from both the top and the bottoms of the cascade, but if you would like a closer view of the cascade, it is better to climb the trail until you get to the viewpoint.


4- Pozo de los Humos Waterfalls:

Pozo de los Humos spainvia – hola

The Pozo de los Humos is a set of spectacular waterfalls near Masueco. The Falls are just 150 feet high. In the Autumn and Winter, the noise of the water is strong. You can access the falls from two points, one leading to the top, the other to an overlook that places you in front of the Falls. Both roads are short, ranging from 1.2 to 1.8 km in each direction.


5- El Salto de la Novia:

El Salto de la Novia spainvia – bebesymas

Salto de la Novia situated in a forest, next to the river Riu Palancia and surrounding by trees and a quite mountainous terrain. The falls are more than 60 metres high. the slippery path makes the access to the falls very difficult.

These waterfalls are known for a legend about two lovers jumping at their own end in this place and you can hear them at night, making the place more famous both among the locals and the tourists.

You can reach the falls walking or by car. But an entrance fee of 2 euros is worth paying at certain times of the week or year.For those who opt to do the longer trail, the beauty of the forest surrounding the river will fascinate them. There are plenty of places to relax, including picnic areas and swimming.


6- Algar Waterfalls:

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The Algar Falls are located at Callosa d’En Sarria, Alicante, Spain. This waterfall is the perfect place for a family visit. The cascades are about 15 metres high. In addition, the falls have a crystal clean water associated to beautiful trees and rocks. You can also take a refreshing swim in those cold pools during hot and sunny summer months.


7- Cascada Pedrosa de Tobalina:

Pedrosa de Tobalinavia – fotocommunity

This magnificent waterfall is one of the Seven Marvels of the Province of Burgos. It is formed by the waters of the river Jerea. This waterfall descends from 12 metres high and has a 100-metre stretch. The attractive falls have a large aperture with the water dropping down below where one could enjoy the lovely view of the water colors changing from one Season to the other.


8- Salt de Sallent:

Salt de Sallent spainvia – marcgcphotography

Salt de Sallent is located in the Rupit region in Barcelona city, Spain. This beautiful falls are the largest in Catalonia with a drop of 115 meters in height from a cliff. This waterfall is famous for its deep and adventurous forest trail, giant rocks and impressive view from the top.

The appropriate time to visit this waterfall is during autumn or early spring. due to high temperatures, the water tends to dry thoroughly rapidly.


9- Cascada de Ezaro:

beautiful waterfalls, Cascada de Ezarovia – verpueblos

The Cascada de Ezaro is one of the most famous Spanish waterfalls. It attracts many tourists each year. It is located in the province of A Coruña. In addition, the falls are unique and are the best place to spend a vacation as it leads straight to the beach. In addition, Carnota beach is just 8 minutes from the falls, so you can enjoy the sandy beach and the long coastline.


10- Cascada de Orbaneja :

beautiful waterfalls  de Orbaneja via – porsolea

The Cascada de Orbaneja passes through the town of Orbaneja del Castillo. The waterfall passes under and below the village, and is visible from the roadside or walking around the village.

It is the one of the easiest waterfalls to visit, as it is part of the town. The village is known by its stone buildings that stand over the falls. The best time to visit it, is during rainy months to enjoy the lovely green and lush rock formation