Top 10 best places to visit and see in Salou, Spain

Salou is one of the most popular destinations on the Costa Dorada. Known for its long golden beaches, beautiful surroundings, heritage, and activities that will keep you busy during your holidays. Salou is worth a visit, it offers all you need for an idyllic family holiday.

 Check out our list of the top 10 best places to visit and see in Salou, Spain.


1- PortAventura World:

Portaventura World via – familyresort

Port Aventura World is one of the most-visited theme parks in Spain. It attracts visitors from all over the planet. 

For adventure lovers, this park will make the adrenaline rush through your veins. It offers different attractions that will lift you to 10 meters in the air. Furthermore, this immense park represents six areas all over the World. First, one is the charming Mediterranean fisherman village. The second is the tropical Polynesian paradisiac islands. Third, one is majestic imperial China. Fourth, pre-Columbian Mexico and last is the Old West.  

The park provides other facilities and attractions for all ages. There are dance shows, fireworks, and roller coasters. undoubtly, this park is one of the main places to see Salou, where adults and children enjoy their time.


2- Llevant Beach:

Llevant Beach in Salouvia – freepik

Llevant beach is one of the most popular bays in Salou. Close to the center and surrounded by the brand new promenade of Jaume I. Besides, This beach has a large belt of fine golden sand. It runs along the waterfront for over a kilometer. 

The beach provides all services and amenities; you can rent hammocks and umbrellas. Also, you can access the Nautical Club of Salou and practice all kinds of water sports like sailing, kayaking, jet skis.


3- Illuminated Fountain:

Illuminated Fountain in Salouvia – diarimes

Illuminated Fountain is located at the end of the gorgeous promenade Paseo Jaume I. The Fuente Luminosa was built in 1973 by engineer Carles Buigas, who also designed the jet of Montjuic in Barcelona

Moreover, the fount provides a water and music show, light and color during all summer evenings, the water dances to the rhythm of the music, and the illuminated lights give way to marvelous choreographies. Besides, the fount encircled by plenty of cafes and restaurants. As well, you sit in the shade of a palm tree while you watch the water change shape. 


4- Avenida Jaume I:

Avenida Jaume I via – visitsalou

The promenade Jaume I is a must-see place when you visit Salou. The parade has a lovely statue of the great Jaime I the Conqueror. This 13th-century king departed from these shores with 16,000 men to the conquest of Mallorca stands majestically in this Paseo.

It extends for 2 km long, full of giant palm trees, restaurants, playgrounds, and fountains to cool off the hot days. It is a meeting place where the tourists and locals alike walk either on foot or by bicycle.


5- Torre Vella:

Torre Vella in Salouvia – viveysientesalou

Torre Vella is a stone tower built in 1530 by Archbishop Pere Cardona. It aimed to protect Salou from pirates. The building knows different modifications over time. The old one dates back to the 18th century, and the bridge joining the two buildings dates back to the 20th century.

Today, Torre Vella is an art center exhibits paintings and artwork by local artists. Also, it houses the Contemporary Enamel Museum, which has a collection of enamels by authors from all over the World. 


6- Coves of Cap de Salou:

Penya Tallada in Salouvia – visitsalou

If you do not like resort beaches, you will not have to look far to discover attractive coves.  Penya Tallada, Cala de la Font, Cala de la Vinya, and Cala els Crancs, all of these coves, are located in the eastern of the city and can be reached by car or on foot.

Penya Tallada cove is located in a magical place. The beauty of nature offers bathers with stunning scenery, spectacular rocks, pine forests, and local vegetation around it. Cala Font, known as Cala Pinetell and Cala Vinya, is situated few meters from each other. They have crystal-clear waters and are perfect for the practice of activities such as snorkel. Always to the east Cala Crancs, surrounded by outstanding rocks, vegetation and accessible from Cap Salou on foot or by bicycle.


7- Capellans Beach:

Capellans Beach in Salouvia – freepik

Capellans Beach is located a half kilometer away from the center of Salou, next beach north after the Playa de Llevant. This small beach extends about 200m in length, protected from winds by cliffs on both sides.

The beach is known for its golden sand and calm, clear waters than at Llevant beach, which makes it very famous with tourists and locals alike as well it is safer than the other beaches in Salou. Moreover, Capellans Beach is smaller than the other beaches offers good facilities and services such as showers, disabled access, toilets, rental chairs, kayaks, bars, and restaurants.


8- Tarragona city:

Tarragona cityvia – tripkay

Your vacation can not be completed without visiting this charming Roman city Tarragona, which is only 12 kilometers away from Salou.

Tarragona was the first major Roman settlement and the capital of Tarrconensis that covered most of modern Spain. The Romans left their remains characterized in buildings and fortifications like a Roman amphitheater, marvelous aqueduct, a funerary tower, a Roman quarry, and a triumphal arch.


9- Karting Salou:

Karting Salouvia – costadaurada

One of the most popular activities that you should try and visit in Salou is the races at Karting Salou. These races are suitable for young adults in a circuit of 900 meters and children between 4 and 13 years in the children’s track of 300 meters.

One of the most famous attractions is the Bungee Rocket, a type of slingshot for two people, which catapults you to a height of 90 meters, reaching a speed of 180 km/h in 1.3 seconds. 


10- Cami de Ronda Route:

Cami de Ronda Route via – femturisme

One of the places to visit in Salou is the Cami de Ronda route is a great place to go for a hike. This route was used as a vantage point over the sea and served as a defense mechanism. 

The trail extends for 5 kilometers and runs along the sea from the Pilons area, in the tourist center, to Replanells in Cap Salou. Moreover, throughout the Cami de Ronda route, you can explore great beaches and coves, as well as different panoramic views.