Top 4 imposing beaches in San Sebastian Spain

Spain is known for its large variety of incredible beaches in Europe. San Sebastian or Donostia is among the most imposing cities. With its stunning beaches in the Basque Country on the north coast of Spain. That makes it the best summer destination. Besides, each beach has something unique: The Zurriola, known by youngsters and surf-lovers. The Concha, the most famous among the inhabitant. Ondarreta, is the best for families. The last is Santa Clara Island provides swimmers a full range of services. Here is our list of top 4 imposing beaches in San Sebastian Spain:


1- Ondarreta Beach:

Ondarreta Beach in San Sebastianvia – voyages

Ondarreta beach is one of the best beaches in the region of San Sebastian. Located in the western part of the city. Besides, this beach is smaller than the Concha beach. it has only 600 meters long and an average width of 100 meters. Also it enjoys calm water with low tides, which makes it perfect for families and children.

Furthermore, Ondarreta beach is a calm spot vacation. With soft sand, the warm Mediterranean sun, and local cuisine. Besides, it provides a safer environment for families. As well as, activities for children like the ‘jungle gym’ and the ‘play club’. That has two exclusive pools and offers swimming lessons and different games on the sand.

Ondarreta beach is also the closest to Santa Clara Island you can go in different ways by boat, canoeing, or swimming. Besides, there are magnificent white walkways, shops, and picturesque gardens. Sit next to the statue of Queen Maria Cristina. As well as, sweeping views overlooking the bay, head up Igueldo Moutain, and look out over Santa Clara Island


2- The Concha Beach :

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The Concha beach is not only the most popular in San Sebastian but also one of the most famous nationwide. It is considered as the biggest and most central beach in the city and lies next to the Ondarreta beach.

Moreover, it is known for its calm water and large golden sand beach. With a length of 1350 meters and its width is 40 meters on average. Also, The bay provides a unique picture surrounded by  green mountains. And in the middle of all this, you will find the incredible Santa Clara Island.


3- The Zurriola Beach:

The Zurriola Beachvia – kursaal

Zurriola Beach lies in San Sebastian’s Gros neighborhood. it has 800 meters long and 110 meters wide. With a total area about 88.000 square meters, so it will be easy for you to find a place to lie in the sun.

The beach provides strong waves compared to other beaches since this one is not protected by the bay. Just beside the left jetty, families with children find themselves more comfortable. On the right side of the beach, by the Ulía mount and the Sagües area you will find beach-volleyball courts. As well as the beach, offers facilities like lifeguards, showers, and dressing rooms.


4- Santa Clara Beach:

Santa Clara Beach in San Sebastianvia – coe

San Sebastian is the idyllic destination in summer. At this season,  Santa Clara Island is more accessible than during the rest of the year. This little beach called the “4th Beach” of San Sebastian and located in the center of the bay of la Concha. You can only arrive at the Island by water, from either the Ondarreta or the Concha beach. During the high tide, the little beach almost disappears in the water.

Santa Clara truly provides a remarkable beach trip. It offers panoramic views with green space of the Concha beach. Besides, it is a wooded island whose major attraction a stunning lighthouse lies at the highest point of the island