Top 8 terrific beaches in Tarifa spain

Tarifa is a Spanish municipality in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia. it’s known worldwide as the biggest hot spot for kite surfing in all Europe. also located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  Besides, it offers its visitors endless activities for all tastes and ages. Here is our selection of the most 8 terrific beaches in Tarifa Spain:


1- Los Lances Beach:

Los Lances Beach in Tarifavia – andalucia

Los Lances is one of the most famous beaches in Tarifa. Located north of the town as far as small headland on which sits Torre de la Peña. Besides, the beach stretches for 10 km northwards. Backing onto the cork oak forests of the Alcornocales natural park.

The beach divided into two parts: first, is North Los Lances, a wide beach stretching 4km. also is one of the 2 best kitesurfing spots in Tarifa. Second, is South Los Lances, very close to the town of Tarifa and reserved for bathers. In addition, the beach has all facilities like public toilets, showers, changing rooms, first aid points, lifeguards, flags to signal the state of the sea, and several restaurants.


2- Valdevaqueros Beach:

Valdevaqueros Beachvia – tripkay

Valdevaqueros beach is popular among the professional kite surfers. It stretches over 1,5 km long and is narrower than Los Lances. Besides, it is often very windy there, busy with many kites, and windsurf on the spot during high season.

At the end of the beach, you will discover a magnificent big dune called Punta Paloma. Also, you can stroll along the coast where you will find a few unspoiled creeks. Many people also go there to cover their bodies with clay for great, natural skincare!


3- Chica Beach:

Chica Beachvia – theculturetrip

You can arrive at Chica beach less than a 10-minute walk from the old town. This small bay protected from Tarifa’s strong winds. Also, it is famous among families and bathers and quickly fills up during the high season.

Furthermore, this beach offers picturesque views out to the north coast of Africa. As well as facilities like showers, toilets and a beachfront restaurant serving superb fish dishes.


4- La Caleta Beach:

La Caleta Beachvia – flickr

La Caleta beach lies on the eastern side of Tarifa’s port and only about a 5-minute walk from the old town. Besides, the beach is a small, rocky cove protected from the eastern and western winds. In addition, it known for its shiny crystal-clear waters made for wonderful bathing.


5- Punta Paloma Beach:

Punta Paloma Beachvia – gibspain

Punta Paloma is a virgin paradise beach located a 15-minute drive to the north of Tarifa. In addition, it has the most spectacular stretching of sun dunes. Rising to heights of over 100 m, burying all the vegetation and even the trees. At the top, you get picturesque views of the beaches all the way down to Tarifa town, across the straits to Morocco.


6- Bolonia Beach:

Bolonia Beachvia – visiterandalousie

Following your journey further north, you will see a magnificent spot Bolonia beach.  Besides, the preserved wild beach belongs to the municipality of Tarifa.

During summer is a true windsurfing paradise as well as in winter is also a great surf spot.


7- Zahara de los Atunes Beach :

Zahara de los Atunes Beachvia – seriouslytravel

Zahara de Los Atunes is a small fishing town situated 40 km from Tarifa in Cadiz province. You can go to its 5km beach from a wooden footbridge. Besides, Zahara de Los Atunes beach is more of a spot for families, with a relaxed atmosphere. Lay back in a deck chair under a parasol. Enjoy a swim in a supervised area of transparent, turquoise water, and a refreshing shower if you want.

Furthermore, you can enjoy fresh fish, cooked by local restaurants along the beach; with many different preparations and recipes, mixed with a wide variety of flavors.


8- El Palmar Beach:

El Palmar Beach in Tarifavia – andalucia

El Palmar beach is the most popular place where surfers like to meet and enjoy the 3m waves. Besides, if you are looking for surfing lessons or rental, there is a large variety of surf schools along its straight coast.


During summer, el palmar beach waves are idyllic for starters. But bigger waves await for advanced surfers during the winter. Keep in mind, if the wind is not blowing in Tarifa, go check out the most famous surf spot around El Palma