Spain is famous for its incredible food festivals. The most known and craziest one is a food-fighting festival called Els Enfarinats. Takes place on the 28th December in a little town IBI near to Alicante. Moreover,  in Els Enfarinats festival the participants imitated the military in their dresses with colored drawing faces and armed with eggs, flour, and firecrackers to fight against each other.

eggs battle in Els Enfarinatsvia – pinterest

The night before the battle, participants dressed in blankets called The Enmantats. They go over the streets of the Ibi village telling people about some foolish laws. And everybody has to agree with them to avoid going to jail. Besides, the battle will happen in the church square by two teams fighting for controling the town. One team, acts as the government, while the other represents the opposition.

floor battle in Els Enfarinatsvia – actualidad

During the battle, participants throw bags of flour. Shoot hundreds of eggs, and explode countless firecrackers and colorful smoke-bombs. By the end, everyone covered in a thick batter.

The battle ends at 5 pm, the Mayor gives his permission to start the “dançá”. That is a set of traditional ballroom dances. Besides, Els Enfarinats collect fines from those who break their rules and are donated to a local charity. As well as, a cleanup crew starts to wash away exploded bakeries worth of eggs and flour.

firecrackers battle in Els Enfarinatsvia – taiwannews

The Spanish are known for their bizarre food-throwing traditions. Every year they throw tomatoes at each other during the Tomatina Festival which takes place in the town of Bunol in August every year.