Top 10 incredible Spanish islands to see in 2023

Spain has some of the most impressive islands in Europe; all islands has unique characteristics and enduring charms, with hidden beaches and crystal-clear waters. The most popular Spanish Islands are divided equally between two islands: first is the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean and consists of four main islands: Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera. The second one is the Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic. It has 8 islands: Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, and La Graciosa. Those islands have a unique nature and an exotic setting.

These islands have something to offer each traveler; we detailed top 10 incredible Spanish islands you should visit.


10-La Gomera:

La Gomeravia – telegraph

La Gomera island is the smaller of the Canary Islands; it is only a 40-minute ferry ride from Tenerife and is a good place for walking vacations. Moreover, La Gomera has a great climate, fascinating ancient history and is famous as the departure point for Christopher Columbus and his three famous ships. Furthermore, the town has large and unique plants and a beautiful forested area, rock outcroppings, and waterfalls; in addition to this, you will find gorgeous volcanic landscapes, along with beaches and mountains to discover.


9- Minorca:

Minorcavia – travelingandholidays

Minorca is one of the best Spanish islands for a quiet family vacation and a good place for a beach holiday away from the crowds. The island has more paradise beaches than any other Spanish island and is full of whitewashed houses and prehistoric monuments which date from 1300 BC.  Minorca is not only known for its impressive Ciudadella old town and Mahon, the biggest natural harbor of the Mediterranean, but also perfect for all quiet water activities, like kayaking, snorkeling, or sailing. 


8- Formentera:

Spanish island, Formenteravia – formentera

Formentera is a small island located south of Ibiza and famous for nude sunbathing and white sand beaches; besides, the island is perfect spot for families and nature lovers to go for a relatively isolated beach holiday.  If there’s one place in Spain made for romance, it is this tiny quiet Balearic Island; try to discover the dramatic cliff, La Mola, with a lighthouse is worth seeing.


7- Fuerteventura:

Fuerteventuravia – getyourguide

Fuerteventura is one of the incredible Spanish island; it is considered the warmest in the Canary Islands due to its proximity to Africa, and it is the best winter sun destination and famous for kite surfing and windsurfing. 

Fuerteventura is known for its white sand and has over 150 stunning beaches. Apart from this, the island has other natural places to see, like the gorgeous dunes of Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo, sleeping volcanoes, emerald-blue waters, and secret villages.  There is something for every taste with this number of towns: Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste, Sotavento, Cofete, Aljibe de la Cueva, or La Concha


6- Lanzarote:

Spanish island, Lanzarotevia – routard

Lanzarote is one of the most incredible Spanish island, known for the unique colors of its volcanic landscapes, contrasting with the blue of the Atlantic.

Moreover, Lanzarote has many fascinating sights, like one of Spain’s 15 national parks Timanfaya Natural Park. Rugged, ochre-hued landscape is the result of volcanic eruptions, which happened between 1720 and 1736 and again in 1824. Also, try to take a bathe on Playa del Papagayoin Playa Blanca and dive into Lanzarote’s Underwater Atlantic Museum.


5- La Palma:

 La Palmavia – tui

La Palma is another stunning island and is the closest to Morocco of the Canary islands; It is one of the best Spanish islands for nature lovers and magical isolation from the outside World.  La Palma is known for its clear sky and stargazing, and it has spectacular countryside and is also a good place for walking tours and hiking are available to the area. 


4- Gran Canaria:

Gran Canaria maspalomasvia – quand

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria situated on the northeastern coast of the island. It is a well-developed beach holiday destination with different landscapes, including magnificent Maspalomas dunes, mountains with biking trails, beaches, landmarks like Pueblo Canario, and Christopher Columbus heritage sights like Casa de Colon. Don’t forget to discover Gran Canaria´s Jardin Botanico Viera y Clavijo is one of the most beautiful gardens in Spain.


3- Mallorca :

Spanish island, Mallorcavia – forbes

Mallorca is the largest island in Spain, well-developed for beach tourism on the southern shores, but also has some beautiful scenery in the northern part of the isle. 

Mallorca offers different activities to enjoy your destination, including beautiful biking trails along the cliffs and mountain paths; it holds an annual Jazz Festival on the east coast; plus, the views from Cap de Formentor and hidden monasteries in the northern Tramuntana Mountains are fascinating and surrounded by spectacular scenery and views of Mallorca.


2- Tenerife:

Spanish island,Tenerifevia – salutilescanaries

Tenerife is another incredible Spanish island and is the largest of the Canary Islands. Tenerife is a famous beach holiday destination and is well-developed for tourism.  There are many things to see and do on the island, like the magical forests of Anaga, the beautiful cliffs of Los Gigantes, and the highest peak of Teide in Spain. In addition, the island offers many watersports available, including surfing, windsurfing, parascending, and jet-skiing. 


1- Ibiza:

Spanish island, Ibizavia – hotels

Ibiza is famous for its clubbing scene during the summer months. They don’t started until after 7 p.m. and stay open until early morning. Moreover, Ibiza is known for the most beautiful sunsets in the World.  During the day, there is a carnival-style market where you can buy fresh food, handicrafts and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Finally, the Cova de Can Marca is a massive natural cave worth seeing, and visitors can take a boat to the nearby island of Formentera.