Feria de Abril is an extraordinary event and the most colorful festival held in the Andalusian capital of Seville, Spain. In addition, the event starts with a big party completing fabulous dresses, traditions, and delicious food. This festival occurs each spring along the banks of the Guadalquivir River. Usually, the fair begins two weeks after the Semana Santa; and lasts an entire week from the 23rd to the 29th of April 2023; in other words, this event is a celebration where Sevillian take care of the family ties and their relationships.

1-  Feria de Abril History:

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Feria de Abril began in 1847 and was organized as an agriculture and livestock fair to be held in the city by two councilors called José Maria Ybarra and Catalan Narciso Bonaplata. Once accepted by Queen Isabel II, the first fair was organized at the Prado de San Sebastian, which had 19 Casetas. Today, it boasts over 1.500 Casetas, considered one of the biggest celebrations in Seville.

2- Feria de Abril Calendar:

The April fair starts Monday night, which falls two weeks after Semana Santa, ending the following Sunday midnight with a magnificent firework display along the Guadalquivir River.

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Monday night, known as La Noche Del Pescaito, is a fish meal delivered for dinner. After dinner, people go towards the Portada, a gorgeous structure at the entrance to the Feria, where thousands of lights are illuminated by the Mayor of Seville at midnight.
Tuesday is the first official day of the festival when horseback processions over the fairground with men dressed in traditional suits and wide-brimmed hats known as El Traje Corto and women wearing beautiful flamenco outfits.

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The week continues with the midday processions along the Paseo de Caballos, where adorable horses carry people in classic dress to the bullring of the Real La Maestranza. The final day of the fair, Saturday night ends with a fireworks display over the Guadalquivir River.

3- When and Where does it happen?

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The April Fair is one of most representative festivals in Seville. Sevillian work day and night for two weeks to guarantee that everything is ready for the Feria de Abril.

When: traditionally Seville Fair start two weeks after the parades of Semana Santa from around Monday at midday to Saturday. After the pandemic this year Feria de Abril is back in 2023. it is being held from Sunday 23rd April to Saturday 29th April. 

Where: For the last decades, the Fair was organized in Prado de San Sebastian, which at the time was in the outskirts of the city; However, the place couldn’t fit the festival, so it changed to Los Remedies located in the south-west of the city center near to the river. You can recognize the site because every year, the organizers build a magnificent decorated entrance gate designed to welcome attendees, and it has a charm when it gets illuminated by thousands of lights at the sunsets.

What to do: the atmosphere is filled with drinking, eating, dancing, and cheerfulness of the Feria de Abril. During the day, try to enjoy the horse carriages, riders crowd the streets, also listening to the Music streams out of the tents, and watching kids walk in streets with plastic toys and cotton candy.

4- What are Casetas ?

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At the April Fair, the main grounds were composed of private and public tents named Casetas. These tents are shaped in different sizes and take place in the Real de la Feria covers 102 km2 and is assured the enjoyment park called Calle Del Infierno.
Moreover, these Casetas belong to groups of friends, local families, clubs, businesses, political parties, and trade associations. In addition, there are public and private tents.
The Casetas are the key to amuse the April fair. Because inside the private tents, you can find delicious tapas and drinks served from midnight until the morning. Besides, each Casetas is provided with a kitchen, bar, sound system, and playing the ceremonial genre of folk music in Seville, which has a special dance. On the other hand, the public Casetas tents are also similar to the private ones there are bars, music, and serving food.

5- April Fair Traditional Costumes :

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The April Fair is very famous by it’s gorgeous dresses for women wear the traditional outfits called Traje de Gitano, flamenco dresses, or gypsy outfits, usually has shiny colors and decorated with matching flower in hair, jewelers,  tasseled scarf and large earrings. For men dressed in a traditional way too, especially those on horseback or driving carriages. They wear short jackets, tight trousers, boots and wide-brimmed hat this beautiful dress called Traje Corto.

6- What to eat and drink at the April Fair?

Fied prawns
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The most typical foods in the April Fair begin when thousands of multi-colored light bulbs flicker into life and light the festival Known as the Alumbrado. Furthermore, this delicious meal comprises baby squids, fried prawns, clams, red mullets, and other tasty and freshly caught seafood. Also, one of the most famous dishes you should try is the juicy Jamón Ibérico, which came from a little village in the province of Huelva called Jabugo. Besides, for a tasty accompaniment to the Jamón is a hearty plate of savory Cured Sheep Cheese.

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Other traditional dishes are Tapas plates contain Gazpacho, Salmorejo from Cordoba, and taste various types of delicious Spanish tortillas such as Tortilla Española made with potatoes, Boquerones in vinegar, and Tortilla de Camarones with Shrimps. Also, mouth-watering tasty fried dough treats like Buñuelos or churros with hot chocolate are unique desserts to end the night with.

In brief, the Feria de Abril is one of the most fabulous festivals in Seville, where you can enjoy your time with friends and family. In this event, the party never stops. You will build new friendships, enjoy the music, taste delicious foods almost all day and night long, and end the event by watching the beautiful firework show on the last night.