Top 10 and Most Visited Festivals in Spain

Spain is an imposing country known for its colorful, lively, and vibrant festivals. Besides, there’s no better time to experience Spain at its numerous festivals and events that take place throughout the year. Each festival has its unique vibe, with striking traditions and customs that make it a special celebration in the world. 

 If there’s anything that needs to be on the top of your list, it is these 10 best and most visited festivals in Spain. 


1- Las Fallas Festival, Valencia: 

Las Fallas, Valencia, popular Spanish festivalsvia- plusholidays

Las Fallas is one of  the most popular Spanish festivals. Celebrated in Valencia and held from 15th to 20th March. Besides, this festival involves gigantic colorful statutes out on the streets. Most of them are mostly a result of satire or pop-culture events that have happened around the year.

Moreover, the celebrations includes drinking and dancing in the streets, fireworks take place during the day, the ceremonial burning of enormous wooden sculptures and the light show on the last night.


2- Semana Santa (Holy Week):

Semana Santa (Holy Week), popular Spanish festivalsvia – euroweeklynews

The Semana Santa or Holy Week is one of the most popular religious festivals in Spain. Besides, it takes place during the Easter from the 5th to 12th April 2020 in Seville and Malaga.

The festival organizes the procession of Pasos, with sculptured wooden floats and pageantry celebrated in the many forms of dress-up. The parade includes around 70 church brotherhoods holding the sculpture of Mary and Jesus decorated floats. Also 3000 robed, hooded figures carrying crosses (Nazarenos).

The most interesting is the Madruga Procession, starts after midnight and ends in the early hours of the morning. Besides, don’t forget to taste the traditional dish of the festival called “ Torrijas”, is a French toast type with honey, eggs, and white wine.


3- Feria De Abril Festival, Seville:

Feria De Abril, Seville, popular Spanish festivalsvia – tes

One of the most fascinating festivals in Seville, the April Fair takes place from 26th April to 2nd May.

This popular festival starts by lighting thousands of light bulbs edgy through the fairgrounds and around the principle gateway. Also it ends with entertainment, colors, and best of Andalusian art like flamenco and food.

Furthermore, there are daily parades of carriages and riders are driving to the La Real Maestranza bullring where bullfighters and breeders gathered. All you have to do is to wear traditional Andalusian Sevillanas dresses, head out to the fair, and enjoy every moment like never before.  


4- Cordoba Patios Festival:

Cordoba Patios Festivalvia – pinterest

The Cordoba Patios is an annual festival takes place in Cordoba, held on from the 4th to the 17th of May 2020. Besides, this festival is famous by the owners of the most beautiful courtyards opened for public viewing.

During the festival, visitors are welcome to enjoy patios of outstanding beauty, packed with trees, flowers, fountains and accessories.

The festival aims is to honor the residents’ efforts to preserve these traditional places and these courtyards make it one of the most magnificent festivals in Spain.


5- Running of the Bulls, Pamplona:

Running of the Bulls, Pamplonavia – independent

San Fermín or the Pamplona bull-running is one the most popular Spanish festivals and the craziest known around the world. This event held in July and is famous for its procession, that starts at 8 am each day and guiding bulls throughout the town center.

Furthermore, the festival welcomes the brave-hearted and adventurous people to run ahead of a group of angry bulls. The bull run starts from the Plaza Santo Domingo and goes through the old streets of Pamplona ending at the bullring.

Don’t forget to add a bullfighting festival to your list, and do not miss out on the most thrilling festivals in Spain.


6- La Tomatina Festival, Buñol:

Tomatina festivalvia – vilaweb

La Tomatina Spanish festival takes place at Buñol, Valencia on 26th August 2020. Besides, it is the most celebrated and craziest festival in the world.

La Tomatina festival invites participants to throw tomatoes at each other in the name of tradition and fun. The games start around 11 am, when a ham is placed on top of a large, greased pole and people race to climb to the top and bring it down. With the victory, the tomato throwing officially starts.

If you want to enjoy LaTomatina festival don’t forget to put it on the top of your list.


7- San Isidro Festival, Madrid:

San Isidro Madridvia – wsimag

May is the best month to visit Madrid. It held many festivals to enjoy your fun time as the San Isidro festival, that marks the start of the bullfighting season.

Moreover, San Isidro is the patron Saint of Madrid. Besides, this festival consists of the traditional dress, everyone wears to the plaza for open-air concerts to enjoy over 50 concerts of different classic Spanish dancing, theatre, street dance performers, children’s activities, street processions. 


8- El Colacho Festival, Murcia: 

El Colacho Festival, Murciavia – beevar

Baby Jumping Festival is the strangest event and one of the most popular Spanish festivals. It takes place annually in Castrillo de Murcia of Spain. It is known as El Colacho in Spanish, and is about celebrations for the Catholic festival of Corpus Christi.

During the festival, all the newborn babies in the town are placed on the ground in swaddling clothes in the missle of the public street. This is followed by men dressed in yellow and red costumes and masks as devils jumping over these babies.

The Baby Jumping Festival aims to purify the souls of these babies and to protect them from sins.


9- Moors and Christians Festival, Alcoy:

Moors and Christians Festival, Alcoyvia – wikipedia

The Moors and Christians festival is the most fundamental celebration in Alcoy, devoted to San Jorge. Besides, this festival dates back to the 16th century and celebrates a battle between the Christians and the Arabs which dates back to 1276.

The event is truly spectacular, it features more than 5,000 participants per parade. The festival takes 3 days: the first day starts with the huge parades of the Christians, followed by the processions of the Moors, all dressing elaborate costumes and holding mock weapons.

The second day is committed to the patron saint of St George, who rides around the town on a white horse. The last day is the best day of the festival, when the re-enactment battles take place with antique-style guns.


10- Three Kings Day, Bethlehem : 

Three Kings Day, Bethlehem, popular Spanish festivalsvia – lonelyplanet

The three king’s day or Día de Los Reyes festival is one of the most popular Spanish festivals, starts on the night of  5 January.  The festivals is about kids put out their empty shoes, to be filled with presents from the kings.

On 6th of January, is the day when the Three Kings arrived in Bethlehem to give their gifts to baby Jesus.  Besides, People come out and participate in street parades where children are gifted with candy thrown from the floats. 

The kings are well known and each kid has their favorite. These 3 kings bring Spanish children their gifts around Christmas time. Besides, children send letters to the kings, telling them what presents they want this year and special kings’ postboxes are set up in cities across the country.