13 essential Tips for First time traveling Solo

Traveling alone can be an incredible and enjoyable experience. The reality of solo travel offers more opportunities to meet locals and other travelers from all over the world. But the hardest challenge is actually making decision to go solo and pack your bag.

Don’t worry, with the right planning, you can make the best of your solo trip, be ready for anything and make memories you will carry with you forever.

If you dream of going to any destination but don’t have a partner, don’t be afraid, you will meet people on the way. You are never really alone because there is always someone ready to talk and help you out.

Here are our 13 essential tips to help you traveling alone:

Before travelling:

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1- Choose wisely your destination:

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Before you decide to Travel alone, you should select where you want to travel. If you have a dream destination, go for it or maybe you just need to get away from problems and relax.

2- learn about your destination and its culture:

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It is important as a solo traveler doing research for your destination, to know if there have been problems in the area in the past and be aware of other cultural norms.

Moreover, if you are visiting a foreign language-speaking country, study the correct pronunciations and key phrases. Check what the weather is usually like during the time of your visit so you can pack appropriate clothing.

3- Book your flights in advance:

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After you select your destination, look for the best airport to fly into at your destination. You will need also to find the cheapest flights, the easiest way is to search competitive ticket prices between different airlines through comparison sites, which do all the job for you by comparing the best and cheapest flights and showing you the best options. Once you arrive, make sure you know how to go from the airport to your accommodations.

4- Book hotels in advance:

Before you get to your destination, make sure you know where you will stay. When you are traveling for the first time booking accommodations in advance make your travel stress less. Don’t forget, when you book your hotel, you should take in consideration two major elements: First ask if they will send a driver to pick you up or if they have a shuttle service. Second decide the location of your hotel if you want to be close to tourist attractions and events or something with a more local vibe.

5- Pack light clothes and documents:

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For clothes, you should pack the things you need and nothing you don’t. Traveling light will give you greater movability and make your flights and transportation less of an inconvenience. Try to pack only your essential items to one bag that you can easily carry. For example invest in a warm jacket, underwear, jeans, light tops, rain jacket, quick drying pants, good socks and comfortable shoes.

For documents, backup and make sure you have copies of all your important documents and files such as your passport, tickets, identification. Make a list of your emergency contact information that can include your own personal contact information, and any other phone numbers you might need. Furthermore, leave a copy of your travel itinerary or a brief outline of your destination with friends and family that has your flight times, hotel reservations, and your sightseeing schedule.

6- Make a plan:

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Before you land try to make a plan. It is the easiest way to avoid stressing over where you are staying, what the monuments to see and how you are getting from place to another. Plan forwards and always write down the name, address and phone number of the hotel you are staying at, just in case you forget the road or the taxi driver doesn’t know the way. Be flexible and make sure to have a backup plan if anything goes wrong.

7- Exchange Your Money:

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Before you travel, there are a few things you can do to assure a better exchange rate, no matter where you go in the world:

  • Go to Your Own Bank:

As a solo traveler before you heading out on your trip, it is better to exchange your money in your local bank because it helps you to have currency on-hand for necessary things like transportation, food and any emergencies.

  • Local Currency ATM:

Depending on your local bank term for international ATM fees, you will get the current exchange rate without paying that extra fee exchange bureau’s charge.

  • Travel Reward Credit Cards:

There are many credit cards that offer incredible benefits such as no foreign transaction fees, earning miles for each dollar spent and international airport lounge access. Make sure to read the terms before going and always pay off that balance to cut interest rates from sneaking up on you!

After you land:

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8- Buy a Local SIM Card:

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When you arrive at the airport, you can buy a local SIM card, that you can use it when you need without worrying about roaming fees.

Google Maps is the most useful application that you can have in your phone. You can use it to follow the route, find places, and make sure you’re heading in the right destination. Check the maps and your schedule before you left the hotel because if you know where you are going generally, you will be much more focused on your surroundings.

9- Talk to People:

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Traveling solo is a leading chance to make new friends. Don’t worry to be alone, because there are lots of other solo travelers like you and locals, which will be easy to chat with and they will want to make contact. Besides, if you join organized day trips, you will have someone to enjoy conversation with. Also, you can participate in local events and activities that are happening in town or go to restaurants with communal tables to meet new people. There are many chances in each city so be sure to check this out before you arrive.

10- Smile:

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Smiles can be translated and understood the same thing in any language. It means you are friendly, inviting, universal, happy, approachable, and kind. A smile opens many conversations with anyone.

11- Do Your Own Thing:

Your solo trip doesn’t have to look like mine or anyone else; this is your trip and discover what you want to do. Enjoy the freedom to do whatever you truly want to do. Besides, solo travel permits you to be whoever you want to be without having to worry about anyone else. Plunge into the experience, and take the chance to express all aspects of your personality and discover new places.

12- Take Plenty of Pictures:

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Solo travel can’t be enjoyable without taking beautiful photos to make good memories. As a solo traveler your day can easily be spent capturing shots of impressive monuments, magnificent parks, crowded side streets and beautiful landscapes. And don’t forget to capture a moment with yourself, sometimes it’s good to look beyond the selfie.

13- Believe in yourself:

Traveling alone can make you a new person with new skills. It encourages you to become more familiar with yourself, feelings confidence and believe more in yourself.

Traveling alone gives the chance to learn new things that you would never discover while sitting at home. Because the biggest challenges in  traveling alone is to convince yourself that you are able to do it by yourself, stay safe and find ways to entertain yourself when you get bored and