Traveling is always an enjoyable experience, but getting throughout the airport can be a struggle and not everyone knows simple airport tips that will make your experience a much more comfortable one. Today, flight reduction creates long queues and delayed flights. But you can get through the airport fast, you need only to have a plan and be prepared.

Here are our 10 airport tips that will help you to go through the airport easily and save your time.

1- Wear your Extra Baggage:

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Packing is one of the most important airport tips. Make sure to confirm your bags meet the allowable number, weight, and dimension. First of all, try to weigh your luggage before you get in line, and if you find it over the weight limit I suggest wearing your heavier clothes before passing from airport security because it avoids any scrutiny from the check-in agents about your carry-on bag.

2- Empty Water Bottle:

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When packing, don’t forget to bring an empty water bottle, you can fill it with water at the airport’s drinking water fountain. You save money on the expensive bottled water inside the airport.

3- Download or Print your essential papers:

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Technology makes our life much easier, in case there is no Wi-Fi or you have a limited online data plan it is a good idea to download your online boarding pass and the airport map on your phone. Or even print them. Furthermore, make an electronic copy of your passport, your legal travel documents, plane tickets, and hotel booking confirmation in your phone at least facilitate the processing of replacement.

4- Identify Your Suitcase Or Backpack:

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How can you recognize your luggage and almost every piece looks the same? I suggest for you to personalize your suitcase or backpack with a bright-colored ribbon, so it will be easy to identify it.

5- Pack Snacks with you:

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Pack with you dry snacks are usually good ones to bring with you to the airport and can easily pass them over security and by that, you save your money and your health. Because airport food is expensive and not healthy.

6- Coming early to the airport:

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Depending on the time of the year that you are traveling, you will make sure to arrive at the airport at least two hours before flight departure. This is because it is conventional for airlines to begin their boarding process 30-40 minutes before departure time.

7- Ask For Free Things:

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Don’t be afraid to ask for things to benefice the advantage of special events such as it’s your birthday or honeymoon tell the airline staff they may be willing to upgrade you.

8- Fly Red-eye:

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If you hate rush-hour traffic and don’t mind overnight flights, try booking for night’s plane is cheaper than earlier flights. You can get some sleep on the plane and wake up at your next destination without all the usual airport hassle.

9- Check your Flight Status:

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Check your flight’s status before going to the airport. If your flight has been delayed or canceled avoid waiting in line to get your flight rebooked. try to   call the representative to rebook your flight because is the same thing as the representative at the check-in counter.

10- Portable Charger:

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Don’t forget to pack your portable charger is a lifesaver especially at the airport because it is difficult to find an empty outlet. While on the plane you can also use your portable charger to charge your phone so it will be ready to use when you arrive.