18 essentials tools to pack with you in your travelling

Traveling gives you a chance to be the happiest person by increasing self-confidence, discovering new experiences and memories, breaking routine, observing how you feel being far from your country, and allowing you to meet new people from all over the world. What makes the experience more joyful, enriching, and stressful is some beneficial tools from electronics, organizing items to basic clothes.

These ultimate travel items are useful for your destination and should be included in your luggage. Hope you find our 18 essentials traveling tools useful and easy to pack with you on your trip.

1- Travel Backpack:

Travel Backpack

A travel backpack for those who travel light is an essential item for them. You should contribute in a robust, anti-theft, and comfortable backpack which you can carry all day long.

Travel backpacks preserve your travel documents, electronics, and have comfortable and movable straps. Try to select 25-35 L size as a daypack or backpack style. With this ideal size, you can use the backpack as a carry-on and as a day pack to keep essentials, when you are out and about discovering.


3 diffrent sizes of Packing Cube

If you are traveling, whether with a carry-on or a backpack packing cubes are a must have. You can use them to organize your clothes, cosmetics and other items in your bags. They are in fact a space saver and helps in organizing different tools. Besides, there are 3 different sizes, packing cubes and you can reserve different clothes in each one and categorize them by size or trip destination.


Packable Jacket

Everyone loves packable jackets. This ultimate item is a blessing in the cover up. There are many reasons to invest in a good jacket that come in the evenings when the air is chilly, in rains to cover yourself, to layer up and give you a good-looking and most importantly is packable because it occupies very tiny space in your backpack or carry-on.



Wearing comfortable shoes is important to enjoy a trip. Besides, waterproof shoes are a hassle free companions. You don’t have to worry if it rained, or if you had to walk on a dirty street you can simply wash them and stay clean. Whether you hike or traveling in the off-season or winter, putting your money on a good waterproof shoe is a good idea.



Taking photos and recording videos makes your trip enjoyable and unforgettable. You carry your cell phone and camera to capture your best moments and makes beautiful memories abroad.

Investing in a good camera is a must for travel. The compact camera lenses in the mirror less camera should be powerful and super easy to use, the battery lasts all day, to be super light, and so you can hold it all day long on your neck, without the heavy weight and easy to use with a great quality pictures.



As a regular traveler, a universal adaptor is a must. You will be handling some electronic device as a phone, camera, tablet or laptop with you on your trip. Besides, universal adaptors will help you to connect your device in any power outlet across the world to charge its battery for use. So definitely universal adaptor is a good investment.



The water bottle is an essential item on your destinations. Whether on a full day tour or you are hiking and discovering, you should stay hydrated and carry a water bottle.

Traditionally, water bottles are made out of plastic or metal, but these days there are a large sort of different types of water bottles to choose from. One of them collapsible water bottles made of silicone. This means that they are affordable, lightweight, durable, easy to carry and store water. They also happen to be biodegradable and are environmentally friendly. Don’t forget to drink eight glasses, in flight and on the road.

8- Power Bank:

Power Bank

Power bank is a must to carry along with you in your travelling destination. You can’t always find a plug to connect your electronic devices. Besides, power bank can keep your devices charged without having to keep an eye out for nearby plug sockets. It is better to hold you a power bank with a light, will fit in most pockets nicely, and is compatible with a lot of devices.

9- First Aid Kit and Medicines:

First Aid Kit and Medicines

It is always important to carry a first aid kit and medicines along with you to help in times of dire need because you never know when you can feel sick when you are travelling to a place. You can add the following essential items to your first aid kit such as bandages, ointment/antiseptic, antacids, cold compress, cotton balls, tweezers, thermometer, fever and pain reduces.

10- Luggage Tracker:

Luggage Tracker

It’s a horrible feeling that you will never see, your backpack again. That’s why is important to invest in a luggage tracker, because you can track your luggage if you lose it and know exactly what airport they were at and you could have even told the airline so that they could retrieve it faster.

11- A Waterproof Pouch:

A Waterproof Pouch

It’s essential to pack a waterproof pouch on every trip even if you are not planning to be on or in the water, as you never know when you might need one. You can get one specifically to keep your electronic equipment like your smart phone or digital camera dry and holding more items like a wallet and other daily items. They are useful during rainy weather, outdoor activities like zip-lining or kayaking or hiking to a waterfall.

12- Antibacterial Wipes:

Antibacterial Wipes

Perhaps the most greatest and essential item you can keep in your carry-on or your backpack, antibacterial wipes will save you from many nasty germs. Besides, you can use wipes in a pinch to remove makeup, get deodorant off your clothes, or stand in for toilet paper. It’s a good idea to pack extra so you can also wipe down your smart phone, tablet, chairs, tables, and computer.

13- Refillable Bottles:

Refillable Bottles

If you simply don’t like most hotel toiletries, the travel toiletry containers are the best choice to bring your own with you when you travel. Because make it easy to bring along 3-1-1 size compliant amounts of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and more. There are multiple sizes and types of bottles, including one with a spray top and comes in a clear, reusable 1 quart pouch to contain any leaks.

14- Venmo or PayPal:

Venmo or PayPal

Venom and PayPal are two functional ways for paying while you are traveling. If you are traveling in a country and you only have big currency or no cash at all, it is normal for someone to either cover you so that you can pay him or her back later, or pay for the entire bill.

Venmo and PayPal are the typical ways to pay a monetary amount from your bank account to other people’s bank accounts. It’s important to mention that Venmo is only supported in the USA. Try to get your Venmo before you leave, if you don’t already have an account.

15- YouTube Premium:

YouTube Premium

If you are addicted to YouTube videos. YouTube premium allows advertisement less playback of videos and enables downloading videos to your phone. Before a long flight, you can download some interesting videos to watch, and you will ever feel like you are missing out on anything.

16- Google Maps:

Google Maps

Google maps are the most popular app for getting around. It guides, walking, driving, biking and public transportation options. It helps you to create stars and labels for some of the places that you regularly visit. This makes it simpler to come back to those locations easily.

One of its advantages is the ease of download of offline maps because is helpful in saving data if you are using Google Maps outside of Wi-Fi. Also, if you don’t have any data, you can still use maps when you have downloaded the data.

17- Google Translate:

Google Translate

English is becoming the dominant spoken language in many different countries all over the world. Whenever you are in a new country where people do not understand English, try to use Google Translate in your phone it will help you to translate words from another language that you are not familiar with. One of its best characteristics that its ability to translate text from an image, for example, you can take a picture of the text in a menu and then you can understand it!

18- Google Photos:

Google Photos

Google photos are an imposing tool for viewing, organizing and storing your photos. Besides, Google photos have two major uses are the assistant and the search. Being capable to look around for locations is so useful. You can search for something like, “Spain,” and easily find photos from your trip to Spain back in 2017. Even though you didn’t geo-tag those photos or even have cell data.

Google Photos has an assistant that displays your impressive information. It can offer GIFs from your photo bursts and can make a collage of photos rested on the same other ones. If you have an Android phone, photos automatically backup to Google Photos. IPhones need you to download the app before using the service.