National Holiday of Spain

Hispanic Day or El Día de la Hispanidad or National Day is an annual national public holiday as it is known in addition, it is celebrated on the 12th of October every year it marks the day  when Christopher Columbus landed in the new world Americas in 1492. But he actually never even realized that he had settled in a whole new continent because He believed his whole life that he had landed in Asia. Nowadays, in Spain they considered the Hispanic day as their national holiday and a day off work to spend time quietly at home or in the company of family members and close friends.


History of Hispanic Day:

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According to the Julian calendar, Christopher Columbus voyaged from the port of Palos de la Frontera in South-West Spain on the 3th August, 1492 and he settled on an island that is now part of the Bahamas in the Caribbean on the 12th October, 1492. Besides, Christopher Columbus was actually looking for a western route to India but instead stumbled upon the Americas, a continent that had been largely unknown to Europeans. In addition, the discovery of the new continent on the 12th October marked as Hispanic day in Spain.

Moreover, the holiday is to celebrate unity throughout each country and the world. It has been Unconfirmed since 1935 with the first celebrations in Madrid and It became an Official holiday in 1981.


 Celebrate national Day of Spain:

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The main event of Spanish Day is the military procession held in central Madrid, that is attended by both the king and the prime minister participate in the celebrations. Moreover, the king raises the Spanish flag while the prime minister leads the events

One of the highlights of the day is the extraordinary aerial display by the Spanish Air Force acrobatics team, the Patrulla Águila also the airplanes let out red and yellow smoke to mimic the Spanish flag. Furthermore, the Military dressed in their uniforms an actual goat in a cap to represent the parade. This celebration shows one of the most impressive events of the holiday.

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Furthermore, while you are visiting Spain to celebrate the Hispanic day you can also discover different cultures, regions and enjoy the beautiful climate of Spain and they’re healthy and delicious Spanish cuisine. In addition, you can start by tasting seafood being a major feature on Spanish menus, due to the boundless seas surrounding the Iberian peninsula and olive oil generously used due to its proximity to the Mediterranean nations. Besides, Spanish cuisine known by its Spanish Tapas which are small plates served either hot or cold, tapas contain cheese, olive skewers, fried calamari and prawns sauteed in garlic what a delicious plate.

In brief, the Hispanic day gives the opportunity to spend the holiday with your family, friends and relax from the stress of work, and taking arrest of time to enjoy the delicious Spanish food.

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