The Saint Sebastian festival is an annual ceremony organized in the city of Palma de Majorca. This traditional event is a fabulous cultural attraction for travelers and has a very important meaning for the residents of the island.

After the big celebration of Saint Anthony festival in 17th the patron saint of Palma – saint Sebastian – following shortly after 20th January. The festival starts on the 19th with multiple activities first one, where many grill stations installed outdoor and people start illuminating barbecues and grilling their traditional meats named “TORRADES” and “SOBRASADA” are a typical Spanish sausage.


Second activity, hold in the central streets of the city where visitors and neighbors can be entertained by Majorca’s meats while preparing for a long night of beautiful free concert of music arranged into separate squares of the city and  each one of them plays various styles of music for both categories young and old people such as in placa major, the Placa De Cort plays host to rock or pop, Placa De La Reina below the cathedral or at the Placa Joan Carlos you can see live rock and in Placa De L’artesania is where you will find alternative pop .the final  one, organized on 20th January with huge bonfires and a beautiful parade of dancing devil puppets winding their way through the city’s streets.

In addition, Saint Sebastian was roman captain in Mallorca who changed to Christianity and tormented for deserting the Roman gods. As he survived the tormenting, he became a protector of Christianity in Mallorca and taking care of the poorest and needed. But the Romans punished him to stoning and then threw his body into the drains as a lesson.

In brief, this ceremony considered for many people as the most memorable event in Mallorca. also, Spain and other Roman Catholic countries celebrate the patron of Saint Sebastian on the 20th January not only Palma de Mallorca.

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