GoPro Hero 8 Black review this camera can change the manner you shoot your videos

For those who are new to the world of digital photography, choosing the right camera from a wide of options is not an easy task. Through this article I will give you a review about the smallest and easiest camera you can you use, it is the GoPro’s Hero 8 Black is the first camera that doesn’t need a case and most importantly, the battery and memory card are reachable at any time if you need to swap.


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The GoPro Hero 8 Black’s frameless design makes it clean-looking and simple to use. GoPro’s excellent new flagship shooter is the most important and feature-rich action camera in the world, with a simple yet highly intuitive interface that makes it simple to meet premium results even for starters. While some users may be dissatisfied to learn that the Hero 8 Black camera misses a front-facing display as standard any complains over this lack of more functionality are made up for by the majestic overall package the Hero 8 Black offers.


-Frameless design is stylish.

-The image stabilization obtainable

-Bomb-proof construction

-Pre-set modes produce magnificent results.


-Undependable voice commands

-No front-facing display as standard

Describing the product:

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First of all, the GoPro’s Hero 8 Black designed to be frameless. It has its own built-in loops at the bottom of the camera that fold in and out. The reinvent makes the Hero 8 of barely thinner that the naked Hero 7 form to back 28, 4 mm vs 33mm but it’s also marginally wider and taller 66, 3 mm by 48,6mm vs 62, 3 mm by 44, 9mm. Besides, it is lot more pocket-size the new front lens element is the thicker and made with Gorilla glass but is no longer displaced.

Another major physical difference is that there is now just one big door on the side of the camera that protects your battery, micro-SD card, and US-C port, on the right is a power button, up top there’s record button. It’s a bit taller and thinner than its antecedent, but generally speaking packs a similar footprint, which means it’s imposing pocketable.

According to videos footage shot on the GoPro Hero 8 Black can be captured across many resolutions starting at 1080p 240 Fps through to 4K 60Fps. And betters the competition by being able to capture hyper smooth 2, 0 balanced footage across all resolutions. The Hero 8 Black captures luminous images with less grain than most action at night. While its battery has the same capacity and physical size as the Hero 7, as battery life, is lasted for around 50 minutes on a single charge, the Hero 8 Black is good for a day out sporadically shooting two minutes clips here and there.

The default video presets are:

– Standard: records in 1080 and is perfect for shooting slower moving subjects

– Activity: with a resolution of 2.7k and a frame-rate of 60fps, this is the one for capturing fast moving subjects and intense activities

– Cinematic: Records at the maximum 4K video resolution with a 16:9 – rather than the standard 4:3

– Slo-Mo: Create HD video with a frame rate of 240FPS and is ace for high-speed action

Likewise, in photo mode there are four model options to choose from: Photo, LiveBurst, Burst and Night, plus the ability to create and store your own custom settings here.

The default photo presets are:

– Photo: capture a single, unprocessed image.

– LiveBurst: allowing you to choose the best frame, records the moments 1.5 seconds before and after your shot

-Burst: record a rapid succession of images at 30FPS when you depress the shutter.

– Night: automatically use slower shutter speeds allowing you to record images in very low light.

The Hero 8 Black illustrates everything a modern action camera should be. It doesn’t just out in one area but provides a rich set of features that are nearly all best in class and cover a diversity of scenarios. Its video and sound quality are second to none, especially of power users who want to unlock the full potential hidden the pro tune settings. Furthermore, the Hero 8 Black does all of this with the best pattern and user interface out there. You can learn how to use it just by using it and that experience extends to the GoPro mobile app.

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The GoPro Hero 8 Black isn’t an ideal action camera, but if the screen was a bit larger, it wouldn’t be far off. Besides, its incredible captures and stunning videos in a luminous environments that’s impressively stable and is certainly the best GoPro even. The high-impact photos it shoots also beats out the competition in all lighting conditions, and the camera’s smart new designing feet are a seemingly simple but advanced time saver.