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Saint George’s day is one of the most significant celebrations in Catalonia that you can enjoy in Barcelona. It is a very famous festival that combines books, roses, and romanticism. Also, it takes place every 23rd April in the streets of Barcelona to celebrate International Book Day and the day of patron Saint George, known locally as “Sant Jordi” this day is well known for couples to exchange gifts, which means the men receive a book and the women receive a rose. Besides, you can find both the most-recently published books and authors signing copies of their books while passers-by enjoy the aroma of the roses.

Saint George’s day meaning:

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Saint Jordi day celebrates the death of Saint George, who is the patron saint of Catalonia. The celebrations begin through this saint since the 15th century. In addition, one of the old Catalan kings called the saint before recovering Oscar from the Muslims. After their victory the Catalan king made him the saint patron of the Catalan army. After many years he became the Saint Patron of all the nation and his legend became popular.

Besides, this Catalan festival is identical of Saint Valentine’s Day is usually to offer roses for women and books for men as presents on this day. In addition, the tradition of giving a rose comes from the middle Ages, when a valencian journalist named Vicent Clavel lived in Barcelona started the tradition in 1926 by giving roses to his lovers. This festival became officially as the saint Jordi’s day and as the international day of book from 1930 until this day.

In this day the flowers and books are the major symbols of Saint George’s day in Catalonia. A spike of wheat is usually tied to a rose with a piece of yellow and red striped ribbon that means the Senyera, red and yellow stripped flag which symbolizes Catalonia and forms of the modern flag of this region.

 Sant Jordi myth:

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The legend of Saint George and the dragon is very famous fairytale in which George was a soldier in the Roman army and he is popular for killing the terrible dragon who scared the residents of small village in Catalonia called Montblanc.

One day the inhabitants decide to calm down the dragon’s anger by sacrificing one person every day as assign of their goodwill. This chosen person was the king’s daughter. In this day a brave chevalier appeared and fighter the dragon before she was eaten up by the evil beast. The cavalier sent his spear into the dragon and out of the blood that gushed away where grew red rose bush since then, it has been the tradition to offer a rose to your lovers.

Other activities to do in Saint Jordi day:

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The saint Jordi day organizes many cultural activities for children and adults like:

Baying roses:

the streets of the city are filled with beautiful red roses also some fabulous designs striving for the most original multicolored roses.

Baying books:

Saint Jordi day is one of the main days for literature around the year, many stores made special sales comprising books with the presence of the authors to sign their books.

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you can taste the traditional bread called Coca De Sant Joan is very delicious, which is designed as the Catalan flag and made with majorean sausage and cheese. As well as, discover many beautiful places in Barcelona as the placa de Sant Jaume at the center of the old city of Barcelona. Also visiting the fabulous Saló de Cent or room of one hundred, the  Salo de la Reina Regent, Gothic gallery and El Salo Croniques. Besides,