The Ceremonies of San Isidro in Madrid

San Isidro Festival is one of the most famous festivals. It allows you to discover Madrid its organized in may and is a time when GOYESCOS and CHULAPOS citizens of the city clothed in the traditional dresses of Madrid. Go to the Avenue to be entertained with music and dancing the popular regional dance familiar as the CHOTIS and eating the typical meals in honor of the saint. This is also the celebration of the famous San Isidro bullfighting ceremony.

Province/Island: Madrid

Autonomous regions: Madrid

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Around the 15 may Madrid organize every year ceremonies of SAN ISIDRO. Also, bullfighting festival is taking place in the LAS VENTAS bullfighting, also captivates some of the notable names in bullfighting today.

What can you discover there?

An exceptional opportunity to find out some of the most original traditions of Madrid .a greatest city which still takes care of all its great customs. All over the weekend of the vacation, you will discover musical performances and avenue ceremony winding along the city center.

Moreover, numerous of local citizens cloth up in the classic CHULAPOS and Goyescos modes. All associated with the variety of the music of THE CHOTIS. Furthermore, there are animations for children all over the city and traditional dancing to entertain by night. Also, all these activities are entirely free.

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The PREDA is the place where the official ceremony of San Isidro is celebrated on the 15 May. Further, a significant number of people crowd to take part in a pilgrimage to the shrine of the saint where Customs determines that everyone should swallow from the spring. The same journey, all the members, amuse by the picnic in the PRADERA, where a different sort of food stands all the classic dishes of Madrid. Also, the region is living with CHULAPOS music and throngs of people all intent on having pleasure.LA PRADERA is familiar as a territory next to the MANZANARES River contrasting the VICENTE CALDERON football stadium.

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A CHULAPO and CHULAPA dancing a Chotis: This is the classic statue of the ceremony and one you are very likely to see at the PRADERA de SAN ISIDRO. Besides, this is an evidence that Madrid remains loyal to its customs origins.

ROSQUILLAS is a kind of aniseed doughnuts is also known as TONTAS. Which are ordinary on these ceremonies .or clever ones with a layer of lemon icing or silly ones without icing, LISTAS, also the SANTA CLARA whit a dusting of icing sugar.

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Dancing the night away: all over the days of the ceremonies there are a large number of famous dances in Madrid also one of the finest notable is the one that takes places in LAS VISTILLAS next to the PUENTE DE SEGOVIA Bridge , here the visitor will discover free concerts, activities for children, food stands, and an authentic festival atmosphere.

San Isidro Festival

Typical CASTIZO memories from Madrid: like a safo handkerchief shabby around the neck, or PALPUSA CHULAPO’S hat and one of the silk Manila shawls worn by the CHULAPAS.

An afternoon at the bullfight in the LAS VENTAS bullfighting: the ceremony of SAN ISIDRO provides afternoons of bullfighting attributing some of the world’s best matadors.