Moors and Christian festivals

The Moors and Christian festival is one of the most authentic ceremonies along the gorgeous Mediterranean coast of Spain. That organized in different towns and took  many days over the year depending on locality. Also the event felt with magic, spectacle, decorating streets like the middle ages with impressive processions and imitating battles.



Moors and Christian festival are an ancient tradition dates back to the 15th century. In addition, the festival itself celebrates the battles and fights between the Moors and the Christians during Reconquista from the 8th to the 15th century, also it represents the capture of the city by the Moors and later regained by Christians troops.





The best Moors and Christians festival in Spain:

 The Moors and Christians  ceremonies are spiritual celebrations recreated each year in various towns of the east of Spain and the most popular one’s are:



Moors and Chritians festival of Alcoyvia – wikipedia

The most popular Moors and Christian festival organized in Alcoy, Alicante regions will take place on April 22, 23 and 24, but it is possible that these dates changed due to Easter week of the saint George day. In addition, this event is a spectacular celebration with more than 5.000 participant per parade, besides, it attracts thousands of tourists around the year because it’s considered as an international touristic interest. Also the festival celebrates the battle between the Christians and the Arabs which took place in 1276.

Moreover, the ceremony starts on day one with an impressive processions of the Christians wearing helmets, armor and ride horses and succeeded by the parades of the moors dressed up in antiquated Arab costumes and holding scimitars, Playing fireworks during the ceremony and beautiful balconies of the village decorated with a Red Cross flag of Saint Jodi.

The second day devoted to the patron Saint of Saint George, because when the city was retaken by the Christians and guided by Jame the first St. George helped to defeat the Moorish forces directed by Al Azraq.

The last day is very special because the Moors and Christians reacting battles with ancient style guns, dressing colorful outfits like in the middle ages and leaving the city submerged in smoke and the atmosphere of a great battle, The whole event ends when Saint George rides on his white horse to celebrate the miracle.



Moors and Chritians Festival in Villajoyosavia – allevents

The second best popular festival takes place in Villajoyosa from the 24th to the 31st July and declared as an international touristic interest. This festival expresses a historic event happened in 1538, when Berber pirates directed by Zalé Arraez attempted to attack the city. Corresponding to the tradition Saint Martha came to help the residents by defeating enemy’s boats and didn’t allow the attackers arrived to the shore.

Nowadays, this festival honored Saint Martha with her statue all over the historical streets of the village, accompanied by the fiesta grandee civil and religious personnel, members of some moors and Christians comprised countless devotees.

This particular festival begins the night before with the turning on the festival lights, fireworks display and marching bands. The Christians arrive the next night processing throughout the village and the day after it’s the turn of the Moors. The major event of the week is the imitation battles on the Playa Centro beach and succeeded by a naval battle between the Moors and Christians fleets, after which the moors jump into the sea and swim to the shore to conquer the castle accompanied all the time by music.



Moors and Chritians Festival in Villenavia – chaputfootprints

The Moors and Christian festival dates back to 1474 and takes place in September at Villena, honoring the patron Saint of Senora Maria de las Virtudes who liberates the evils of the plague from the city. In addition, This impressive festival is a cheerful event full of celebrations, including music which spread through the streets of the town, also it considered as the biggest event in the country because over 12.000 people take part in the processions.

Besides, This beautiful festival constituted of 14 various armies called Camparsas with seven Christians and seven Moorish starting the event by firing guns and succeeded by vast parades all over the streets.


El Campello:

El Campello Moors and Chritian Festivalvia – dreamstime

If you missed the battles in Alcoy at spring and Villajoyosa at summer, then you will want to make sure to visit El Campello for their Moors and Christian festival from 12th to 15th October. Moreover, this gorgeous ceremony honored the patron Saint of Mari de Déu Dels Desemparats and attributes processions of the Moors and Christians which represents the historical events during the Moorish rule. In addition, the festival starts with a fireworks display to show the sighting of the fleet. As it gets light the Moors arrive by sea to start the mock battle on the beach.

The Moors and Christians fiesta is one of the oldest and popular festival in different regions of Spain and each place has its particular way of celebrating, depending on their tradition and history.



Moors and Christians Festival in Bocairentvia – spanishschoolvalencia

Moors and Christian festival took place in February at Bocairent village. It located around half way between the cities of Valencia and Alicante, it’s perfect if you want to see the festival as well as two of the region’s most buzzing cities. Besides, the residents celebrate the holy patron saint of Saint Blaise as well as the festival comprises a number of parades, from the classic Moors and Christian ones to musical ones. The last two days of the event end with a mock battle, complete with the firing of muskets and a celebration when the Moors are eliminated.


Banyeres de Mariola:

Moors and Christain Festivalvia – abacoadvisers

Banyeres de Mariola is the only town holds the festival twice a year instead of just once. The first organized in April like in Alcoy and the second is in October. Moors and Christian festival honors St. George and makes parades just 25-minute drive to the west.