Alicante is one of Spain’s most magnificent destinations and it is the capital of eastern Spain’s Costa Blanca region. It has a huge list of attractions suitable for everyone, and people of all ages will find something to enjoy and discover. Besides, Alicante has stunning beaches, huge plazas, wonderful parks, castles, museums and other archaeological sites for tourists and locals alike; where they can hang around freely and enjoy their vacation.

Here are our 11 best things to do in Alicante:

 Alicante Monuments:

1- Santa Barbara Castle:

The Magnificent Santa Barbara Castle in Alicantevia – friendschoices

Santa Barbara Castle played an important role in the history of Alicante. The imposing hilltop location on Mount Benacantil is one of the main draws because the castle had military purpose and has been a strategic asset as far back as the Carthaginian era. At the 9th century Islamic Alcazar was invaded from the Moors by the Christian Prince Alfonso of Castile. The victorious battle was on the feast day of Santa Barbara, explaining the castle’s name.

The castle is open to the public, and it is easily accessible as there is a lift that takes you directly to the top. Make your way up to the rooftop ramparts for magnificent views. Besides, the castle holds insides the Museum of the City of Alicante (MUSA) and has 10 exhibition halls covering the history of the city and the castle. There is also a market in the courtyard selling trinkets and handmade souvenirs. Besides, Visitors can see La Torreta, the old keep, the majestic reception hall of Philip II, and the Revellín del Bon Repós rampart.

2- La Explanada de Espana:

The beautiful La Explanada de Espanavia – pinterest

The Explanada de España is Alicante’s most imposing promenade, also known as the Paseo de la Explanada or the Promenade Explanada, is constructed of 6.6 million reds, cream and black tiles, which give a stunning mosaic wave pattern that lined with palm trees and runs parallel to the marina, starting in the Old Town. Moreover the explanada was created by architect Jose Guardiola Pico in 1867.

The Explanada de España is the perfect place for a saunter any time of day. It’s particularly refreshing in the summer evenings with the cool Mediterranean breeze that brushes in from the harbor. Moreover, in this place where you can find unique souvenirs, tasty treats, and other things to do. Besides, there is a market lines section of the walk where local artisans sell traditional crafts and products.

Furthermore, you will also discover plenty of entertainment along the way, as a wide variety of restaurants and some of the city’s historic monuments are also along the route, including Casa Carbonell, the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall), and Plaza Gabriel Miró.

3- Basilica de Santa María:

Basilica de Santa Maríavia – wikipedia

The Basilica de Santa María is the oldest church in Alicante. It was constructed in the 13th century by the Catholic monarchs on the site of a former mosque. The building is the pair of bell towers, which, although took place on each side of the entrance, do not match one was built in the 14th century and the other not until the 18th century. It is also home to a 16th-century baptismal font and a Baroque-style Valencian organ, which was built in 1653.

Another unique characteristic of the building is originally Gothic in style; the church was reconstructed in the 18th century with a Baroque facade and interior. On the principal front of the exterior, the Virgin sculpture by Juan Bautista Borja stands out as a magnificent model of detailed stone carving. Take a step inside the church to praise the richly decorated sanctuary and the 18th century Rococo high altar.

4- Museum of Contemporary Art:

The imposing Alicante Museum of Contemporary Artvia – alicantetoday

The Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art exhibits an impressive collection of 20th-century Spanish art. It hosted in a Baroque town house which is the oldest civil building in the Old Town of Alicante. Besides, the museum opened in 2011. It presents over 800 pieces of art across three collections at the museum from greats such as Juan Gris, Pablo Picasso and Juana Frances, as well as local artist, Eusebio Sempere, whose work was best known for its geometric and optical illusions, with nearly 600 total works on display.

5- Las Hogueras de San Juan:

Las Hogueras de San Juan in Alicantevia – elcorteingles

The Bonfires of Saint John (Las Hogueras de San Juan) is an annual event that takes place between the 19th and 24th June. Besides, the event contained an International Folklore Parade, Street Band Parade and a fireworks show culminating in the final event. The burning of the ninots which are designed to look like contemporary politicians and celebrities. The Bonfires of Saint John are the most important part of Alicante culture and probably the best beach party you are likely find in these parts.

6- Archaeological Museum:

The impressive Archaeological Museum in Alicantevia- sygic

This imposing archaeological museum exhibits the most important period of history including the classical period of antiquity with Greek, Roman civilization, Iberian culture, and the medieval Ages. As well, the medieval display is attractive, with an assortment of more than 300 objects.

Another major characteristic of the museum, that presents educational information about the archaeological sites of Lucentum and Illeta, as well as the Sanctuary of Pla de Petracos, where many of the artifacts were discovered. Moreover, the museum presents visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the means that archaeologists do their jobs through galleries devoted to describing the methods behind the specialties of underwater archaeology, urban archaeology and field archaeology. Exhibits also reveal the ways in which researchers can learn more about the past from the objects they find, as well as the rest of the scientific process.

 Alicante Beaches:

Alicante beaches are known for its magic of Golden sands, crystal clear waters, pleasant climate and holders of the Blue Flag, which is awarded by the European Union.

7- San Juan beach:

San Juan Beach Alicantevia – immoservice

San Juan beach is well known for its gorgeous sands that extends less than five kilometers from the Alicante city center. Besides, the beach has been granted a Blue Flag for water safety, and it is suitable for swimming and doing sports. Also is perfect for sunbathing and relaxation. Besides, you can spend a full day laying on the beach because it has a wide variety of cafés, restaurants, and shops along the beach.

8- Saladares Beach:

Saladares Beach in Alicantevia – alicanteturismo

Another imposing beach called Saladares beach which is the longest on Alicatne’s southern coastline its length of 16,000 meters and 50 meters in width. Besides, it has been awarded with the Blue Flag by the European Union.

The large sandy beach does not attract large crowds which is good to escape from noise and welcome nature and peace. As well, the beach is equipped with lifeguards, watchtowers, toilets, foot showers and parking facilities.

9- Postiguet Beach:

Postiguet Beach Alicantevia – mumabroad

The Postiguet beach located at the foot of the beautiful Santa Barbara Castle and surrounded with palm trees making it look marvelous. Besides, it is considered as a great beach for visitors who are particularly impacted by the stretch of golden sand and crystal clear waters. The beach is accessible for everyone because there are many forms of public transport like buses and trams that offer routes to the beach.

Alicante Parks:

Most of the parks in Alicante city are old and have unique architectural designs. The city has a large number of theme parks, wildlife parks, and water parks.

10- Ereta Park:

Ereta Parkvia – tripkay

Ereta Park located in the historic center of Alicante in the Valencia region, this park lies at a height of 83 meters above the sea level. Besides, it is accessible through the attractive Barrio de Santa Cruz, from which you can reach the area via stairs and has a wonderful walkway from Santa Barbara Castle to the old town.

Moreover, while you are walking, you will see how the park is transforming as you climb from lower and more urban parts you will arrive at an area with olive trees, pine area, Plaza de la Ereta, an oak area and scrub as typical Mediterranean vegetation.

11- El Palmeral Park:

El Palmeral Parkvia – alicanteturismo

El Palmeral Park is the largest park in Alicante is located right in front of the sea, with magnificent views. Besides, inside the park you can walk around the palm trees, work out on the exercise machines which are scattered around, or entertain the kids in the play-park area and praise the lakes, waterfalls and fountains.

Of course, the park does not only contain the palm trees, but there is also a large variety of plants, cacti and flowers around the park for you to enjoy. Moreover, the Park is equipped with services such as toilets and a little kiosk to buy food and drink. This is a calm place to relax and enjoy nature far away from the city.